Musfira Tehreem


Presenting the journey of patriotic and zealous MAQBOOL HUSSAIN. He is the very offering personality, make a splendid example of love and patriotism for his land.  His story begins after the war of 1965. When He was performing his duty on the line of control… due to some mishap He along with some of his fellows imprisoned by the vulgar Indian armies. The brutality of Indian army is not hidden from any of us… as they have conservative and low thoughts they got cheap and mean ideas for their country’s defense. They caught Maqbool Hussain and take him along them to the torture cells of their country. Torture cells as by name, are meant for torturing the prisoners of the wars or the spies of other countries. The torture cells are cells of brutality. Maqbool, unfortunately, being the prisoner of their most hated country Pakistan. They start to be excited for punishing the poor fellow, He was kept there in for purpose of exposing the secrets and information of Pakistan. they torture him by all there means, by the hot water bath, the loudest sound room, thorny seats, rods, pipes beating him, beating him very hardly even. But he refused to give even a single word of importance to them. They asked him to say PAKITAN MURDABAD (deadly Pakistan) so that they can free him up. But he refused, again and again. He uttered Pakistan ZINDABAD (long live Pakistan). Being morally so worst they decided to cut his tongue. They cut his tongue so that he may give them some of the information of the country but no..!! Never a word against the beloved land, He instead of giving information wrote Pakistan ZINDABAD from the blood pouring out of his tongue it is said he got a mental illness. You will never know his struggle and pain until you put yourself on his place… He lived there for four decades, 40 years. In 2005, during the exchange of the prisoners He was sent to Pakistan in a very awful condition. he was even not recognizable, a disabled mind, a cut tongue, a nearly dead body, a mass of bones, no flesh on the body, the tightly loose skin of old age…

When he came here back, the only thing He remembers was his army no 335139 from which he was recognized as a SIPAHI of the army at the time of war. He lived in Pakistan after that with full of his respect and gained the award, highest from all the awards. He got his full pay, facilities and help from the armed forces.

Today, on 29TH August 2018 the brilliant star of our nation meet the one who created Him. He died due to the heart attack he got in the morning. He is the one who was

Born to fight, Trained to will…

Prepare to die, but never will…

May his offering soul rest in the gardens of paradise



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