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The first reform introduced by PTI government was upgradation of the police department in KPK. According to the well-known journalist Umer Cheema, the IG KPK Nasir Durrani has mentioned that there is no intervention with KPK police by any political person here and they are working independently. A major development was the introduction of new complaint registration system in which Police access service can be activated through a simple text via SIM. KPK police are now serving as a role model to the other provinces. The crime rate has been dropped up to an extent while terrorism rate has declined up to 51% as compared to 2016. Major reforms include the One-Click alert system, Hot-spot policing and Geo Tagging.

In the regime of ANP (Awami National Party) the police department was one of the most pathetic departments in the province. They were getting low pays. Moreover, no latest technology neither any kind of essential training was given to them to counter terrorism.


The major issue in the government hospitals was the absence of Doctors. PTI government make it sure that all hospital staff should be present in their duty hours. This has been made possible by the reforms in the accountability system. ‘Sehat ka insaf’ has launched in the province which has ensured the vaccination against nine preventable diseases including polio vaccination. A hygiene kit was also handed to each family. Many campaigns have been run in this regard. In February 2017, samples were collected from the sewerage water of polio-affected areas and tested thoroughly. For the first time in many years, the results turned out to be negative. Healthcare professionals were given bonuses and salary deduction based on the performance.

ANP government has never done any structural reforms in the health sector. The health status of the KPK was too low as compared to the other provinces. There were no medicines or doctors in the government hospital.


The education sector was also given priority by PTI government. Accountability and Monitoring & evaluation system were introduced in this sector too. It was made sure that teachers would be present in the schools. More than six hundred irregular teachers were fired from their jobs and new were recruited on merit basis. Online school data is available for the public to view. A survey by Dawn herald has shown up to 70% improvement in the education sector. A Tameer-e -School campaign was also introduced regarding reconstruction of thousands of damaged schools in KPK. The other aim was to provide the technology-driven education to the students. However, the incidence of Army Public School attack in 2014 indicates several flaws in the security system relate to the educational institute in KPK.

In the era of ANP rule, education structured was ruined at all. Terrorism was at its peak and that also lessened the number of children enrolled or going to schools. Few educational institutes were reformed or even established in their era. But, overall, the education sector too was under the political influence.



In 2017, the ruling party PTI has launched the tree plantation campaign in the province. The campaign aimed at the plantation of one billion trees across the entire province. The government has also focused on the preservation of natural resources. Moreover, better law and enforcement situation have increased the tourists’ activity in the northern areas of KPK. That was also a good step towards the enhancement of economic resources of Pakistan.

ANP government has never paid any attention towards afforestation. Many political workers were involved in deforestation. Tourism was badly affected in their time period.


PTI government has shown a serious concern to resolve the issue of load-shedding. The government has taken several steps to take the province out of the electricity crisis. It has launched 356 Micro-Hydel projects in the whole province. After six years without electricity, Kalam has also given electricity of 400KW which has shown the positive attitude of government regarding neglected areas. PTI government has also remained a staunch advocate of Kala Bagh Dam.

However, ANP government was the main opponent of Kala Bagh dam construction. They haven’t initiated any such project to resolve the electricity issue in KPK over many past years.

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