Syeda Sadaf Tahira


Once there was a pizza hut in which there were eight employees who were very fast friends and in every matter, they always depend upon each other. The names of those employees were Noun, pronouns, verb, adverb, adjective, prepositions, conjunction and interjection. The name of pizza hut was The English language pizza hut.

Although all of the employees were of equal importance noun was considered as the senior head under which all the employees were working.  When this pizza hut named as the English language was started they had to struggle very hard for making their mark in the market as before the emergence of this pizza hut, the Arabic pizza huts, Urdu pizza huts and mathematical pizza huts and like this, a lot of pizza huts were there in the market. So English Language Pizza Hut had to struggle, for introducing its brand and for introducing its taste.

Now due to the teamwork of all the employees of this pizza hut, the branches of this English language pizza hut are throughout the world. And with the passage of time, their value and demand are increasing now a day. Many of my friends had tasted the pizza of this English language pizza hut and they compelled me to taste at least the taste of the pizza.

Gentle ladies were there having pizza. I went to a table and at there I was warmly welcomed by Noun, the manager accompanied by its associates named as a common noun, material noun, abstract noun, material noun etc. They all greeted me in a very decent manner.  When they came to know that it was my first visit in their pizza hut they said that ” Sir as you are visiting our pizza hut for the first time so as per our pizza hut rule we need your presence in our kitchen so that you can see the process of baking pizza, they told me that they made this rule only for the easement of their customers, so that the customers get satisfaction regarding the cleanliness of their kitchen.

I followed Mr Noun and went into the kitchen, here all the remaining employees were working, firstly I saw the pronoun performing his duty of telling the verb what to do and verb as per nature of its duty was performing the actions as per instructions are given by pronouns, adverbs were also there accompanying the verbs but they were doing the petty works like adverb of manners were telling the recipe and adverb of time was keeping the time etc, moving forward I met Mr adjective. He was really a very interesting person because he was telling the attributes of the yummy pizza they were just preparing.

 After this I met prepositions, prepositions was looking some sort of magician because he seemed to be very tiny but his task was of much more importance as he was doing the filling of pizza by his Instruments like “in, at, for, upon,”  etc.

After meeting him, Mr Noun took me to conjunction.  The conjunction was very busy in joining the gradients of pizza by his tools like as ” yet, but, nor, ” etc. Then finally I met the last person named as an interjection. His job was to make people express their sentiments and he was standing there with his tools like “hurrah, wow, hey”.

After visiting the kitchen Mr Noun told me that are trying to hire a new employee named as Article.  Then they served me with the yummy pizza and after tasting the delicious pizza and visiting the kitchen of English language pizza hut I realized why the whole world is longing for the English language pizza hut.

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