Pakistan & World from another Side!

Pakistan And World From Another Side

(Mystery of Google Search Trends)

Pakistan & World from another Side! At the time, Where everyone shaming themselves being Pakistani and being have a nationality of the country which is top listed by various sites as a ranked first country who searched for pornographic content. As owing to the fact, the mystery cannot be resolved by just spewing venom over social media about Pakistan Because If one get more realistic, then one could estimate that; In Pakistan, English language proficiency is not very vocabularic and not refined. Western nations do more what they hide and applause to them how actually they hide.

Meanwhile, American and British language is the most exclamatory query here rather than finding and accusing Muslim countries being caught as culprit, when one may see in depth, western nations would be seen as top searchers of vulgar content on internet then south Asian countries but actual fact is, they use more specific terminologies and words for it, Which couldn’t be spot in our country’s internet browsers; where literacy rate is pretty low.

Firstly, As Humans living in the world of technology, we can’t be judgmental towards Pakistan & south Asian developing countries, just by the surveys, ratios, sayings and announcements given by the countries who are it selves famous for their pseudo law and order situations and legal acts. When Indian media started highlighting Pakistan’s Favorite searches, they forgot about 2012 Delhi ganged rape incident most famous reported by whole world. A 28-year-old woman was gang-raped in front of her three-year-old daughter, after her attackers killed her two-week-old son. Manohar lal Sharma; an Indian lawyer was the first person to file a petition & defended the accused in the 2012 Delhi gang rape case.

Moreover, it’s interesting that Western Republicans have higher ratios in immoral activities & mass violence of any kind. Although, these states have higher rates of divorce, rapes, out of wedlock births and pornography usage in societies. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, West went screwed itself in terms of moral values, but still western world throwing lime light only on Muslim countries on these issues, which glimpse us the transparent hate of international media about Muslims. Facts Are Facts, But Surveys don’t deal with much issues at all, Even, Western surveys don’t capture good cross section of the world i.e. a bit of Europe. A bit of Asia, a bit of Africa, a hint of Latin America too.

According to reports, the top 10 countries with maximum rape crimes are most of the western countries, except one which is from Asia; India, Nor Pakistan neither any Muslim country. South Africa with a 500,000 rape cases every year marked itself on top. Children are victims of 41% of all reported Rape Crimes. About 15% of rape victims are children under the age of 11. According to South Africa’s Tears Foundation and the Medical Research Council, 50% of South Africa’s children get abused before the age of 18. Meanwhile, Sweden, USA, England & wales are marked second, third and fourth while India ranked fifth in the list.

So, one may get stunned for a while i.e. rape and different sexual attacks recorded are typically happened in advanced countries. Owing to the fact that massive numbers of rapes are still unreported all over the world. One May get surprised as well by giving a look on ratios which shows maximum mass violence cases in locations like USA, Canada, Sweden and United Kingdom, Which are immersed as highest rate in this crime. About 36% of ladies globally have been through, both bodily and sexual intimate violence. In US 83% of women aged 12 to sixteen have experienced sexual harassment in public colleges. In England, one out of five ladies (elderly 16 to 59) revel in a few shape of sexual violence.

In Pakistan, if the issue was a foul search, Then, No Authority threw a random look upon another side of the issue. Where Pakistan stand on the top listed country with the most holy and positive searches. Muhammad and Islam is the most searched word in Pakistan’s cities including Rawalpindi, Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi and Islamabad; the capital of Pakistan. Meanwhile, Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore are ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd cities in the world those who searched word Quran. Education, English and Scholarships are the searches which are also ranked first searches in Pakistan.

Apparently, we are getting top rankings for everything now a days, which looks good in a review. At last, I don’t want to put criticism at any level, but I do want to mention that there are very positive things are happening in our country. Kindly, stop giving publicity to people and print media too, who’re just giving a distorted view of Pakistan and also other south Asian countries as well.

Give a glance on another side. The beautiful positive.

The Real Us. The Real Pakistan.

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