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In 1947, when Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah achieved the dream of an independent Pakistan, the most valuable currency in this nascent nation was hope. Pakistan was meant to be a model Muslim country, and one of the greatest nations of the world.71 years have passed, and yet the story of Pakistan’s progress to-date can best be described as only incremental. Despite having an abundance of talent and potential, Pakistan has yet to really take off. The responsibility for this must lie with those who have led us. However, we, the people, must also accept some of the responsibility as it is we who have elected these leaders again and again. In the 2018 elections, the people of Pakistan face a choice. Do we want more of the same, or do we finally want to build that country that we can feel proud to leave to our children? We have always been a hopeful nation, but we must now realize that even hope has a time limit.

This is a leadership challenge, and one that we believe can only be entrusted to Imran Khan in 2018.The medium pacer who became the world’s fastest bowler and best ever all-rounder and the visionary who shed blood, toil, tears and sweat in a struggle of over 22 years, to transform the face of politics in Pakistan. Imran Khan is indeed ready to transform Pakistan. He has the aspiration and determination to translate the vision of Quaid’s Pakistan into a reality. He has the courage to take difficult decisions. He has a team that that we all can trust. And he has a bold, clear, and ambitious plan. At the core of Imran Khan’s plan is this 100 Days Agenda. The agenda is both aggressive like Imran Khan’s bowling, and aspirational, like his leadership. It cannot be anything else.

This vision served as my inspiration for Naya Pakistan. For PTI it’s not Just Politics it as a commitment to building welfare state where the rule of law meritocracy and transparency are guaranteed to all of our citizens.

Imran khan’s first 100 days Agenda is embodied in six key themes. These themes are critical to the development of Pakistan and core to Imran khan and PTI’s agenda for 2018 elections.

At the core of Imran Khan and PTI’s first 100 Days agenda is to transform government and governance. Government must look very different to the way it does today. Government must be able to govern. Imran Khan will make this happen. We will build institutions of state that can act boldly, credibly, capably, independently and swiftly. We will devolve government to the villages and towns of Pakistan. We will improve how government performs by ensuring blind, across the board accountability. We will reform the civil services, the judicial system and the police. Overall, within the first 100 days of PTI government, we will work on five key areas to transform governance.

Pakistan is stronger if its federating units are stronger. This is why Imran Khan will run a government for all of Pakistan, and not just for any one province. PTI will take the difficult decisions that the current government has only paid nominal homage to. With Imran Khan as Prime Minister, Pakistan will have a strong center, as well as stronger provinces. In particular, Imran Khan will immediately begin action on five priorities to strengthen the Federation of Pakistan. Champion reconciliation in Baluchistan Empower the Baluchistan government to launch and champion. Ensure significant local participation in development projects; in particular in the development of Gwadar.

Finally, Imran Khan will ensure a government that both reassert Pakistan’s credibility with in the international comity of nations, and that acts decisively on internal security. Within the first 100 Days of a PTI government, we will start working on the following five priorities to ensure Pakistan’s national security.


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