Pakistan As An Asset

Musawira Shahreen


It was given to them as a gift from their forefathers, but they never realized that by passing through how many crucial times they achieved this land. And yes undoubtedly we can’t even pay for their single drop of blood. And this is not only the land which is presented in a tray to us. This is the land of sacrifices, land of gems gifted to us, land of the blood of our ancestors, land of struggle, land of hard work and yes land of pure people. This is none other than PAKISTAN. But now the question arises that now why we are ashamed of being called a Pakistani. Although we know that in what circumstances this land was gained.

The answer is only this that we are only shown the current dark sides of Pakistan., yes this is told that the blasts are increasing day by day but no one tells that in the same country after such blasts for the blood donations hospitals apply the banner that no more blood donation. In this country, this is told that shoes are being stolen outside the masjid but no one tells that in the same country people give lacs for the construction of Masjids.

This is not the country of which only negative aspects are being shown. This has much to show positive and beautiful. Yes, this is the country bestowed with miracles like Naran Kaghan, Hunza, Kashmir, Swat, Murree not only this I think that each and every piece of the country is pretty enough. It is bestowed with the coal mines, salt mines, second largest mountain K2, glaciers, slopes etc… This is the country where we are living freely, creeping independently and doing willingly.

Now coming toward the talents and legends of this country, let me explain that this is the country where a lady like SHARMEEN OBAID, who is highlighting Pakistan in front of the world. An inspiration like Muniba Mazari who is encouraging other ladies not to give up and move on. A light like Abdul Sattar Edhi helping the deserving people in the helpless world. A poet likes ALLAMA IQBAL whose only one quote is enough to improvise the life. A flame-like MUSARAT MISBAH who is helping the victimized ladies in the world. An organization named as Gulzar e Madinah which is providing the needy people basics of life. This is only a sample of such people. Pakistan is overwhelmed with such talents.

So kindly be proud of yourself to be called as Pakistani. This is the flag which keeps you erect in front of the world. So always keep this flag straight. Love your country wholeheartedly… and in last Pakistan Zindabad.

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