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Advancement of Pakistan army is the birth of Pakistan since its inception of the nucleus of magnificent legacy to its present status of combat army field test. The nation can dream of their socio-economic advancement and development only when they are sure that their guardians are strong enough to ensure safety and peace. Our courteous soldiers of brave Armed Forces, apart from defending the country’s borders, always remained at the forefront of national development. When floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural calamities, maintain law and order, the performance of our officers and men are incredible in order to maintain peace in our nation. They always attain national and international acclaim from their friends and others alike. The Pakistan Army at its foundation presented a despondent picture as it was disinherited in its lawful share of military belongings in an effort to be suffering from malfunction and helpless to control.

A major institution that plays an essential role of all national and international effort and aims to restore peace when the nation faces political or economic controversy or natural calamities arise. The men of the Pakistan Army truly expose the warrior spirit, holding and use weapons for peace, doing fair dealing with the strong military endowment handed down by our ancestors when the time arises. These are the men who acquire and gain knowledge and trained by modern methods to meet the requirements of international standards, at the same time set standards of their own, by which have achieved international approval.

PACE has become the trademark in the physical fitness not only in Pak army soldiers but in the international army as well. Physical strength is the cornerstone of fighting readiness is known to international and Islamic armies of the world. These competitions have not only motivated and inspired brave soldiers to serve their nation by their physical health, but they have encouraged them through exposure of the “Fittest of the Fit” role model. Their aim is to provide instruction to all concerned for the smooth conduct of the competition. Subsequent aspects can be enclosed in these guidelines. These instructions will remain restricted to the practical performance of the PACES Competition such as:

Essential parameters.

  1. Perform modalities.
  2. Miscellaneous aspects.

Teamwork and coordination of each team as per their participation status is declared in essential parameters. All international teams of a friendly country and national teams (Field Army teams, Regimental Training Centers teams) can participate in this event. The Championship contest will be open for all military protection (defenses). No age limitations for the participants who take part in the contest.

Championship Management System (CMS) will be designed for prearranging scores of participants. Real-time updating of scoring will be screened for ensuring the precision for all participant holders to avoid mistakes. The detailed scoring system is to be found at Annexure A. Gold; Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the Team with winning positions. There are several Events such as (3.2 Km, Pull Ups, Sit Ups, Push Ups, CET) and team participant who attain maximum points will get the position.

On the whole Top three position holders of all 5 events will be awarded by medals for encouraging their efforts. Following certificates will be awarded according to the judgment of winning of the participant:

 Merit Certificates for Top 100 participants.

Membership Certificates for All the participants.

The individuals of other international and Islamic countries who take part, in any event, will be awarded consolation prizes. There are many technical committees (director competition, members), evaluation board (president, members), tabulation committee, technical officials which perform several functions. Sports stuff of particular Countries / Regimental Colors will be tattered during events. Particular contest outfit without Helmet and Weapon shall be damaged during contest test. At the opening & finishing ceremony, all the participating teams will put on relevant Tracksuits and Camouflage Combat Dress.

Combat Efficiency Test:

Physical test will be finished by the cooperation of 1 or 2 individuals of several teams. The competition will be apprehended on 2 x grounds, at firing fields. Soldiers’ time begin from point “A for covering the 165-meter distance in this test.¬† For reaching point “F” Participants cover 40 meters distance of the crisscross run. From point “F” to point “G”, he covers a distance of 25 meters by picking up the target (Fireman lift) by using his force and places him to their desired position.

Every participant should intersect all the hurdles. The participant will be disqualified at the moment if any barrier is skipped purposely or accidentally. In fireman lift, the target of any weight out of their own team participant will be preferred and no mannequin will be used. The participant can alter his weapon arrangement according to his judgment for firing i.e. left-handed firer / right-handed firer. During conduction of fire, Participants will fix their magazine on their own and will not be provided with any external support in case of any walk out or not working of weapon. Any external aid or guidance is firmly prohibited from another person. Guiders or any coaches are not endurable at firing position.

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