Over Population Bomb Is Ticking

Over Population Bomb Is Ticking!

Overpopulation could be a major explanation for most of the world’s issues. Whether or not it’s a matter of food shortage, lack of potable or energy shortages, each country within the world is stricken by it – or are going to be.

Pakistan is an agriculture country and it is among developing countries and want to be the part of the capitalist market. Despite all of these it is facing lots of issues like poverty, illiteracy, inflation, internal and external challenges and others. But “overpopulation” is on an alarming note, and it is increasing day by day. There have been only six nationwide censuses. (1951, 1961, 1972, 1981, 1998and 2017). The following table shows the population at the different time since its inception.                                    

                                                        Year          Population in million

                                                        1947               33m.

                                                        1951              75m.

                                                        1961              93m.


1972 census postponed due to political crises and war of 1971.but that time population of Pakistan was 65m in the east and 58 m in West Pakistan.    


                                                      1981               83.783 million.

                                                      1998               132,352,279.


And the last census held in 2017 and according to the official result population of Pakistan was 207,774,521.

All six census shows that population square measure increasing with time.‏ According to the experts, under the same growth rate, the population of Pakistan would be greater than that of China by the year 2035.Today, and Pakistan suffers from the high birth rate in the country. Due to population growth now Pakistan is the sixth populous country in the world.

Here are some reasons that are literally the causes of this over-population crisis of Pakistan goes through.

 One of the most reasons of the over-population in Pakistan is that the unbalanced rate of growth. In Pakistan, individuals aren’t cognizant from the conception of the planning and this can be the most root because that bring about to the over-population. Overpopulation may be the danger for economic growth because it swallows up the progress created by the economic growth .with the rise in population, there’s low capital financial gain within the country that badly affect the economy of the country. Overpopulation also generates unemployment, because vacancies are low in number but there are lots of CVs and forms submitted like if 5 vacancies are required but the number of CVS is more than 1000. Overpopulation creates a great drawback of the education sector as a result of correct facilities don’t seems to be offered for the whole of the population overspill conjointly creates a housing downside as a result of giving. Resources don’t seem to be adequate to evidenced homes to the whole of the population. Overpopulation also creates a transportation problem because the government could not give proper facilities for the huge number of population.

The media and politicians always point out corruption, terrorism, militancy, economy, employment etc but sadly nobody talks concerning our biggest downside overspill. The growing population of Pakistan has caused many several issues – the govt. must resort to ways in which to manage it; like providing higher education, raising awareness of birth prevention and most significantly, the long-awaited census. And govt. also must develop a strategy to bring the birthrate down. Otherwise, overpopulation bomb ticking very fast and if govt. do not take an action on the time then we will face dangerous results.

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