Dorothy Rowe, an Australian psychologist, has once said;

“Depression is a prison where you are both the suffering prisoner and the cruel jailer.”

news report published in Express Tribune (2017) has claimed that “depression affects 44% of the entire population in Pakistan. In Pakistan, 50 million people are suffering from common mental disorders.”

As common causes of depression have already been well described by World Health Organization, I want to focus on the reasons of depression in our youth who are provided with each and every facility in their life and are still not satisfied. They have good family structures and lifestyles, have enough money and are studying in well reputed organizations but still they are frustrated and depressed.

Firstly, we are reluctant to accept that depression & anxiety aren’t linked with weakness in one’s personality. It is okay not to be okay all the time but it’s not okay if it is happening all the time. We have to keep an eye on our mood swings; they might be symptoms of depression. As per my observation, we, youngsters are reluctant to share our anxiety to our family & friends by considering the possibility of being humiliating by them. We must keep in mind that we are HUMAN beings not the PERFECT beings, we could have flaws and we have no need to hide them. We should talk about them. We think that we are letting ourselves down in front of others.

Moreover, we often think that we are wasting someone’s time, by expressing our feelings and depression to him/her, which is not true at all. I am pretty sure that a psychologist must need another therapist/ person to share his own problems and issues. He could never overcome his anxiety issues just by thinking, ‘Oh I am psychologist myself, and I don’t need anyone else to share my problems with’.

Actually we are no more SOCIAL BEINGS; we have become SOCIAL MEDIA BEINGS. Spending too much time on social apps and sharing each and everything on social media are resulting in unconsciously and continuously comparing our lives with others’ which in turn leading us towards the sense of emptiness & resentment. We are never satisfied with ourselves. Usually, we become unhappy even after spent a whole day enjoying and partying just by seeing someone’s social media account that has apparently showing him/her happier than us. No, that’s not jealousy my friends. This is an imaginary war in our mind in which we are trying to defeat others without knowing that it is we who are losing this battle.

Consumerism (a social and economic order and ideology that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts) is also responsible for raising standards. In pursuit of more, we are heading towards NOTHING. In search of eternal happiness, we are going towards the deep well of depression and anxiety day by day, better vehicle, better gadgets, and better food. We never have enough time to stop and enjoy the current scenario.

At this moment, ask few questions from yourselves.

Why do you want to get a better job & more money?

Why do you want to get higher marks?

Why do you want to get marry?

Why do you want to buy the latest model of that cell phone?

Why do you want to eat meal in THAT particular restaurant? And so on

The answer must be ‘So that I could become happy, happier and happiest.

Could all these stuff really bring you eternal happiness?

No. All of these things could just give us a temporary pleasure,

Unless we become satisfied with ourselves we can’t become happy. Happiness & satisfaction lie in the journey to reach on top, not in the goal & milestone itself. For a moment stop right now & enjoy the very moment you have. Communicate with your friends & family in real, rather than on social media.

Enjoying life doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to visit a luxurious place or cinema, or to buy or achieve something extraordinary. Cut yourself off from the social media on your weekends & holidays. Enjoy the weather or coffee with your family & friends. Talk about your problems. You aren’t the one who has that problem or anxiety. You should not be shameful to have all these. Life is a process consisting of series of steps. You have to enjoy the each step in order to relish the whole process.

Be happy that you can see the nature, can walk and talk, can breathe and you are lucky enough to be alive. You actions & thoughts make you worthy, not your possessions (materials or relations). Nothing is wrong with you.

Haider Sultan (Creator of famous fb page; Haider Tweets), a psychology graduate, shared his thoughts with us as;

“Every depressed individual has his/her own reason for being in depression. We can’t generalize those reasons for everyone. For youngsters most common causes are break ups, lack of jobs & other basic necessities. He added that social media isn’t good or bad itself. It’s the misuse/overuse of social media that led us towards depression and anxiety. To avoid these issues, one’s life should be balance, every day should be productive and life shouldn’t be aimless & hopeless.”

For once in a while, convince yourself that ‘nothing is wrong with you and in your life too and you are exactly there where you should have been. Depression is the lack of satisfaction. Know how to satisfy your inner self instead of refraining from your issues. ’

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