Never Give Up

Iqra Shahbaz


When the world says “GIVE UP” hope whispers “TRY IT ONE MORE TIME”. Because it is hard to beat a person who never “GIVES UP”. Never give up because you don’t know who you might be inspiring. Never give up you have only one life go for it, work for it and get it. The successful ones are those who never give up. Never stop trying, never stop believing and never give up your day will be near and will come one day.  Failure and rejection are the first steps of success but never lose heart and never give up.  Good thing comes to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient and the best things come to those who don’t give up.

Never give up on your dreams because you don’t have even idea that ALLAH can bless you with better what as you think. You never know how close you never give up on your dream. You only live ones but if you do it right without giving up then the once is enough. Success in life comes when you simply refuse the give up in your life with goals so strong that obstacles and lose only act as a motivation. Never give up if you want to be something, be connected about it give yourself a chance never say you are not good that will never get you anywhere set the goal that’s what life want it.

In life you meet the number of peoples, they have different skills and abilities. Some of them are very cooperative, some of them are very intelligent, some of them have average mindset, some of them are poor, some of them have enough power to get everything, some of them are hard work, some of them are lazy etc. These kinds of individuals have different willpower to do many different things. But there is the difference between all of them is “moral values, way to treat, and inner evil eye”.

Probably every single men work for their own benefits first then others. There are a lot of people who are just working for the human being but some of them are trying to defeat them and want to make them in trouble. You will find the number of peoples in this world; all will have different skill power. HERE, there are the further two ways of skill power: first is this, some people use their skills for the benefits for others and secondly, some people use their skills for the loss of others. There is the one most important thing is this, you are the most splendid creature of this universe, and your first aim is just for the comfort of others. Make easy and possible way for others. If you give chances and easy ways to others then definitely you got the first goal of your life.

You should provide comfort to people for your deeds. If you work for the benefit for others then definitely you will found inner peace and you will automatically happy and feel better. Because good deeds have the best revenge than to” give up”. If you want a satisfied life you must remove the “give up” in your life dictionary.


If you cheat someone for something in every stage of life then there is a possibility you will win but in return, you will lose that person for whole life. Because you will get everything in life but not trust that you lost for the sake of your benefit. There is the more chance to get everything in this world but not that thing which you give up. Just think for a second “what will you earn when you give up to others”? Just a clever comfort for some time and nothing else. But in return you must pay double of it because it is the natural beauty when you will do good or bad both will return to you until you are alive you will not meet with your soul when you did not pay this in your running breath. Don’t be making anyone in trouble because there are the most chances you will win the game but you will out of the list of kind-hearted persons.

 Good deeds have the good result and bad deeds have worst. If you think that you want to achieve a good name and fame and you think you cannot, so just do work hard, don’t try to make any short way to get this and never give up because wrong is the way of difficulties and you will sink in that way and you will do everything which is good for you and not you just do all the targets. And all targets will lead to defeat. The secret of life depends to work hard and never give up. The number one skill in life is not giving up. What are you doing in the present day the same thing will repeat one day in front of your eyes that day you will realize what u did?? The gentlemen are that who learn before time but if not he gets the lesson before time then time will learn and the learning of time is very hard difficult to bear to someone.


 In life when you are closer to victory you are trying to give up. But that time you will get the victory but you will have the fear about what you have done. Smoothly work lead to you the highest peak of success. Right before success, there is the dark place and you have to remove that. Because great thing takes time and hurry and worry are the two our weakness at every stage of life. Never give up on something you really want it’s difficult to wait but worse to regret. I believe in myself and my abilities to create and live fulfilling my life’s purpose, I am strong and have what I need to create my dreams and desires and bring them into the world. Don’t ever give up to someone because you don’t know the worth of next in you. If you make some clever web then there is 100% chance you will be in your own trouble what you make for others.


Because if you are giving up then never underestimate the power of revenge. Winners don’t always win they just never give up. Because victory is this for having the working power then skip this for just this to never give up it is the real winner. Never give up on the people you love never give up from being happy because life is an incredible show. You are allowed to screams, you are allowed to cry but do not give up. Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving but never ever try to give up someone for your own benefit. Go over, go around, go under, or go through but never give up. Don’t give up your buddies when they need you most because it hurts most. Remember that you are enough strong as you think. You would not compare yourself to people who already succeeded. Make your own life your own way and achieve what you want in your life. If you achieve without giving up then there is no chance who to defeat you. Because a true way have a straight path and there are no hurdles between their way.

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