Need Of Career Counselling In Public School

Ghazala Iqbal


If a person is not good at dealing with customers, it does not mean that he is bad at all. He may be perfect in accounts or writing etc. There is a portentous need to set yourself in the right place. And this will only happen when you know yourself very well and choose workplace according to your interest. Through Career counselling process a counsellor or qualified professional help students to know their abilities, select a program of studies and prepare for a career. Now the question is who would be a career counselor? The person who helps the students (at school level) to choose subjects according to their interest and ability. And helps them to find a career according to suitability (at university level).

According to Frank Persons who is known as the father of career counselling, there are three important things to choose a career. Which are the following:

Clearly knowing yourself

Knowledge and awareness about available opportunities

Clear understanding about above-cited points

Student (at school level) is not enough able to know about himself, his parents, teachers and his peers help him to know about his personality and interests. But for better results and career-oriented objectives there must be someone specialized. Students must have guidance and counselling about school life, self-awareness, education and training options, occupations, occupational sectors and the world of work. Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs) must be organized for educational progress and occupational as well.

For better study and choice of profession, students must be guided in their study according to their aptitude and personality. A specialized counsellor will guide the students individually according to their aptitude and the hiring trends in the market. A counsellor should keep the following points in mind:

Aptitude test: career counsellor will conduct interviews of the students to judge their natural capabilities.

Interest: career counsellor will guide the student’s particular line of studies according to their interest.

Personality: student’s personality also plays a vital role in determining the career.

According to different research papers, few private schools are turning the stone to make their students aware of their interests and career opportunities like Beacon house school, City School etc.

There are many counselling centers and NGO’s like TCF the citizen’s foundation, Eduvision career counselling and guidance organization, Career Karwan and Pakistan Institute of career counselling, are providing their services by conducting workshops in different schools and offering their services on the internet.

 But our students of public schools are not getting this opportunity, because our policymakers are giving least importance to guidance and counselling at public schools. Students are choosing subjects blindly according to their parental expectations or following other students.

If students make the selection according to their interest they would be passionate and productive.

But it was shocking to know that there is a main heading of guidance counselling in National Education Policy (2017) but it is sad to say that detail was not available in it. There is no proper training of our teachers through which they can provide proper counselling to their students. There are so many universities in our country but a few universities are offering MS guidance and counselling program.

But practically when we take a look at our public sector schools, we come to know that there is no facility of counselling. For betterment, we should take a few steps like;

Ministry of Education should take notice to recruit counsellor in all higher secondary schools. But this is a long-term process, which needs a lot of time.

Meanwhile, some workshops should be conducted in public sector schools.

Proper induction and in-service training about counselling must be given to our teachers which will prove fruitful to meet our goals and purposes.

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