Muslim Millionaire Turned Philanthropist Ali Banat Dies

Alveena Aziz

Muslim Millionaire Turned Philanthropist Ali Banat Dies

A few years back, there was a young rich man living in Sydney, Australia. That man is known for his luxurious lifestyle and extremely expensive possessions. He was the owner of an electrical company and was always indulged in pursuing his worldly aims. His life took a tragic turn when he was diagnosed with stage four-oral cancer. He was given only 7 months to live by the physicians. The man was ‘Ali Banat’; a Muslim millionaire. He has become popular through a viral video named as ‘Gifted with cancer’. In that short video, he was interviewed by Muhammad Hoblos. There he called his cancer a ‘Gift’ by Allah that has completely changed his life in a positive manner. He mentioned the importance of little things like fresh breathing air which we often take for granted. As soon as he became aware of his disease he sold his all material belongings including his business, cars and even clothes, said by Ali. M. Hoblos show his lavish room, cars and other possessions which he was ready to give up just for the sake of making his after-death life easier. The video was watched in many parts of the world.

Instead of mourning and grieving, Ali chose a better path. He decided to dedicate his remaining life to serve humanity. He founded  MATW (Muslims Around The World) Project in October 2015 that concentrates on providing the food, water, shelter, education and other facilities to the deserving people in Africa (Like in Togo, Burkina Faso & Ghana) including Bangladesh. Ali has worked for the community development by building a mosque and school there.  He has used his money to construct a village for 200 widows and a medical center for depriving community. Many people around the world have joined him in his noble cause by donating up to 1 million dollars. The collected funds are spent amongst the eight projects MATW has currently running. Anyone can contact MATW and donate money by visiting

Unfortunately, the philanthropist ‘Ali’ has died on May 29, 2018, in the holy month of Ramadan. A video message recorded by him during his life was released on the same day. In this video, he has given advice to the world and especially to the Muslim brothers and sisters to think about this mere worldly life and things. He has tried to convince the viewers by giving his example that this life could end at any moment and we should prepare ourselves for the judgment day by starting some humanitarian work or by being a part of it or fund something like that. He thanked everyone who has supported him or visited him during his illness period. May Allah bless him with highest ranks in Jannah. His ongoing charity work will continue to enlighten his name and grave even after his death. Ameen.

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