Musawira Shahreen


Sitting in the classroom wandering about my own objectives. A fear of a girl echoed in my ear; in such an age when she has to enjoy the blossom of teenage, rather she was talking about the fears: of money, scattering of dreams, of damaging character and of the conflict between her dreams and desires of her parents. Dwindling between all these she was quite depressed. At that day i realized that yes motivation is an asset that should be sparkled towards her. This an article of hope, determination, optimism, refinement, tackling the problems and many more will help u to gather ur scattered dreams, wipe your fears and ultimately go ahead to live a splendid life.

In the world of millions of people there are so many who have given up, they have pressed their smiles, they have stop striving. I admit that there are many incidents that break us, they deform our body but refine our soul. They mould us in our best version. And yes the winner is the one who makes his weakness.

Ultimate strength, these incidents are not the bottleneck for the winner but the train of the destination. Have in yourself a motto that “i can do”. You don’t know that what, how and where you have to do. But u should know that u can do something very great, communal and significant. Believe u me no one can stop u for doing this. It’s-a fact that the negativities of the society will shadow u, but u have to become that one sponge that absorbs all the negativities. U have to balance yourself on the pendulum and see saw like teenage. Because i believe that this age can either make u or break u.

So have the hope like the teenagers: Arfa Kareem, Bobby Fischer, Louis Braille, Aitzaz Hassan and Esha Esbahani. They are not the wires they are the spark that creates the passion for others through their own lives.

And yes don’t forget that the talent lies within u, u just have to trace it like the diamond, manipulate it like a coal and make it perfect like koh- concluding the article i want to add some words of Abdul Kalam that “god doesn’t promised that the sky will always be blue if there is sun then no clouds, if happiness then no grief. There would be hurdles and turn oils. But they are only to make u strong.”

So be a bigger dreamer because the bird which has learned to fly high will never have a dim flight. May these words bring the fragrance and blossom to someone’s barren life?


  • September 19, 2018 at 7:10 pm

    Well done musawara


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