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Iqra Shahbaz


What is motivation???

The word motivation is discover the word of “movers” which means to move on. The word motivation refers someone to move on in their own direction to achieve the highest goals in life.

Exactly when we think about motivation its mean just to make enough stamina to do something, to make something new, to achieve something, go ahead with new passion etc. generally, we use this word (motivation) in such of these sentences.

But here is more simple meaning of “motivation” is to

Courage someone to achieve their goals

Push to do something/ push to do some targets

Force to do something/try to solve some problems

Motivation tell us how to grow up the skills that someone do not know. How to touch the sky? How to make himself/herself to the famous ones? How to get their desired goals…

“Motivation” is to polish the skills of human being to make a light in their life to move on, make them the courage path to run away, make them enough brave to face the challenges and grow up at last touch the sky. A person is fully motivates by itself. If someone fell like he/she cannot do nothing in life its mean that he lost his/her identity, he/she did not know how to grow up, how to spend their life happily, how to run with the growth oriented environment, how to make them a professional and shining star in their life, how to make enough capability to face everything and every challenges.

All belongs to lake of motivation. There is the need to motivate yourself. In this universe there is nothing impossible because impossible also tell us i am possible please try me.

One thing more!!

There is the hidden logic in try. “Try” mean to (time to respect yourself) like that just grow up, wake up, know your identity, know your worth, know your hidden talent and move on until you will surely succeed.

Because in this world, there is no single man who cannot do nothing.

It’s possible!!

 all because of motivation if you motivate someone he will surely do well in future because he will appreciated and after that he will have a great heart that’s why he will work with more attention because he knows he will do anything. That’s why he can surely pick all the tasks which seems too difficult for him. If you motivate someone with pure heart, there is no chance he will defeat. Because motivation is the thing which leads you from earth to sky to touch the highest goals of life.



There are the four basic types of motivation

Positive motivation

Negative motivation

Extrinsic motivation

Intrinsic motivation

Positive motivation

Bring about positive response in order to achieve goals.

Negative motivation

Bring about reinforced with fear, anxiety, or such negative feelings and push down to not go ahead.

Extrinsic motivation

It’s belong to motivate someone the external awards like cash prize, clapping, by giving them shields. Because external motivation make a great positive affect at their mind after that they have a big heart.

Example: u must say!! I like the way you handled that.

Well done man

Keep it up

You can do it

Perfectly u did it.

Intrinsic motivation

Its belong to internal factor such as nature of someone, confidence, satisfaction when do some tasks. It is connect with inner of someone like heart or mind. Inner satisfaction is the best satisfaction which leads to polish yourself.

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