Morning Shows A Positive Perspective

Samina Akhtar


Media is considered as the fourth pillar of a democratic state. Among all electronic media, Television has the largest power of mass communication. The content of TV programs varied from entertainment, information and education to exploitation, brainwashing and public influence. The success of any program numerically judged by Television Program Ratings (TRP). In 1964 Pakistan launched its first Television network and as the solo it earned enormous fame and titled as Family channel. A few years later a race of private channels started- Pakistan’s first-morning transmission commenced from the golden era of PTV, and the second race of formal morning shows started. Today we came across a lot of hatred comments, derogatory remarks, mocking, abusing on social media attacking directly to morning program hosts, guests, contents or activities being performed in these shows.

In reality, we are more open in the expression of hate. We are prone to pick negativity first and suppressing the positive aspects of the same thing. The basic aim of morning shows is entrainment and information. Main target audiences of these morning shows are women especially house makers. By judging differently these morning shows keep us informed on anticipated events with possible solutions. I must include a reference of “Ek Nayee Subha  with Farah” broadcasted on 31st January 2018, hostess invited guests from different walks of life to clear myth regarding lunar eclipse and reminded us supplications specifically for that day.

In the prevailing nuclear family system we missed our grandmothers who used to tell about their life hack secrets. Morning transmissions covering this gap to some extent by inviting experienced chefs to share a wide variety of recipes, herbalists, Hakeem, provide us with information for health and beauty as well. This information includes modern techniques to traditional methods using organic, simple, easy and inexpensive ways. Physicians, pediatrician, psychologists, nutritionists give their valuable suggestions free of cost for rich and poor alike. Everyone wants to be fit but cannot afford consultation of a fitness instructor, in some morning shows you can learn what exercise is suitable for your body and live an active life. The same case with most women who cannot afford visits of salons and designers- these transmissions keep them up to date regarding all latest fashion trends.

Everyone loves entertainment to seek pleasure and divert their attention from worries. Interview of favorite celebrity can make one’s day.  Sub-segments in various morning shows providing acceptable entertainment. Every day is a new day so does morning shows, the new day-new topic-new lesson some are relevant to special days like breast cancer awareness campaign. Morning shows also include in-depth coverage of trending news and we all witnessed this remarkable act at the time #JusticeForZainab.

Most of the morning transmissions are running by females, gives a sense of confidence and courage to other women to step out and thrive in life. They are role models for others to balance their personal and professional life. Interviews of motivational speakers can play an important role in audience life. Not all and every time shows are wedding-centric, there are episodes in wedding seasons and TRPs is also important to survive the competitive environment.

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