Misperceptions Of People About Certain Health Issues

Misperceptions Of People About Certain Health Issues

Surely medical science has brought about some blithesome changes in our lives. Due to advancements in medical science birth rate has increased and on the other hand, death has fallen down. But medical science has failed to transform thinking of people about certain health issues. We are living in 2018 and still, people are unable to understand that HIV or AIDS is not only caused because of sexual contact with multiple partners but it can be caused because of other reasons too. Whosoever is diagnosed with HIV people consider that person characterless and instead of comforting him they start hating that person. People who are HIV positive sometimes do not even tell it to other people because they are afraid that they might lose everyone even their loved ones too. HIV can be caused because of using USED SYRINGES. It is very common for drug addicts. That is the main reason that nowadays in hospitals doctors and nurses break injections after using so that no other person can reuse them. Secondly, there is one more misperception of people about HIV. People think that if they will sit with a person who is HIV they will also become HIV positive but this is not true. If a person who is HIV positive is sitting with you or if he is talking to you-you won’t develop HIV.

Recently I came to know that people trust dabblers and peers more than they trust doctors. Sister of my maid was diagnosed with Tuberculosis and after completing treatment and when she became fine she got pregnant. Unfortunately, her child was not normal and when he was about 3 months old she started noticing that he used to have fits and his growth was not like other normal children. My sister is a doctor so she brought his son to her and my sister after examining him told her that you should go for certain tests. But what happened next came as a shock to us that instead of going for those tests she took her son to a local peer who told her that an evil spirit has cast an eye on his son and that is why he shivers and get those fits. After that she became satisfied that his child is not sick he doesn’t need any kind of medicines and she started following instructions of that peer. After convincing her a lot she went for those tests and came to know after a long time that his child is suffering from cerebral palsy. This is just one incident and they are the people who weren’t that much educated. Wife of my cousin got pregnant and after delivery, she stopped eating and she became extremely sad and used to cry a lot. She stopped sleeping at night and became extremely irritable. Again I wasn’t expecting such kind of foolishness from my family and her mother started taking her to a peer and they used to think that somebody did black magic on her etc. After sometime when following that peer instructions did not bring any fruitful result they took her to a doctor and came to know that its postpartum depression also called as postnatal depression which is a type of mood disorder associated with childbirth and it can affect both sexes.

I am not saying that Black magic doesn’t exist or there is no evil spirit. Yes, these things also exist and they have an influence on our lives too but to think practically and rationally is the need of the time. We cannot associate each and everything with black magic and it is high time to realize that green chillies cannot save us and the black cat doesn’t bring bad luck. These are all our superstitions and in order to end these, we have to create awareness among people. More money should be invested in research projects related to health problems and proper education at schools and even at higher levels should be given to people with health problems and how these can be avoided. Lastly, medical facilities should be provided to each and every one with minimal cost. Many people in our country cannot afford to go to hospitals and they die. To avoid such conditions more money should be invested in health-related projects and only then we can make our country a healthy country.

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