Miftah Ul Jannah A Young Hero

Jaweria Ashraf


The world was astonished when a Blind Paralympic Muslim Judoka, Miftah-ul-Jannah, left the final Judo Tournament of 2018 Asian Paralympic Games in Jakarta, just due to the reason that she was asked to take off her Hijab. She refused to take off her Hijab and to enter the competition and thus declared as disqualified.

Miftah-ul-Jannah is 21-years old young Muslim girl from Indonesia. She is a vision impaired Judoka (Judo Practitioner). She was trained for 10 months to appear in the 2018 Asian Paralympic Games Judo Tournament. She was trained for the Women’s 52 kg Visual Impairment Category. The tournament held in Jakarta. On the day of final competition, she came with Hijab which he used to cover herself but she was not allowed to enter with it. She was disqualified for breaching the rules of International Judo Federation (IJF). They say that a Judoka’s head may not be covered except for a bandaging of a medical type. The craziest part of the situation was that the rule was put in place just the day before the tournament, the coach claims that.

The president of the Indonesian National Paralympic Committee (NPC), Senny Marbun, blamed her coach and during a press conference, he said: “On the behalf of NPC, I apologies for this. This is really embarrassing and I hope it will not occur in the future.”

The news was largely covered by the Indonesian media and also reached the Country’s House of Representatives (DPR). A member of the Parliament gifted her an “UMRAH TICKET”. In response, Miftah-ul-Jannah said these memorable words:

“I sincerely appreciate it and would like to say thank you to whoever rewarded me an Umrah ticket. I am truly elated. It personally feels like the gold medal for me since I failed to participate in the match.”

People from all over the world congratulated her on social media on her truly brave decision. Many supported and raised voice for her but she says that she likely won’t compete in Judo again after this disappointing incident.

Miftah-ul-Jannah is an example of courage and hope. She is a brave young girl. She is blind but she knows to turn her weakness into the strength. Her decision is not the reaction of fear but a decision of courage. She stood in the storm and adjusted her sails. She was on a journey where representing herself was more important than fighting the match. To represent herself; she required to BE FIERCE. However, it broke her heart and made her tearful but the uproar of the audience was with her.

Yes, it was difficult for her to leave the thing for which she practiced for 10 whole months. She says that sometimes she practiced so much that her hands became unable to move but she carried on. When she left, her eyes were full of tears, speaking about the pain which she felt but she did not take off her Hijab. One supporter said to her on social media: “Defend your Hijab. It is more important than to take part in Asian Games (but) you have become a champion”. “You are nobler in the eyes of God”-wrote another.

She has received love from all over the world, Muslims or non-Muslims both appreciated her to choose her own way. Her courage of making this brave and bold decision to leave the match is no less than a magnificent picture of triumph and tragedy. She presented a brave herself; in front of adversity. Her decision is not less than a lesson of inspiration and motivation for us that always “BE YOU” and never leave your way despite what the world wants!

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  • October 20, 2018 at 3:20 am

    It’s an inspiring story and the blogger has done a great job,MASA’ALLAH👍

  • October 20, 2018 at 4:05 am

    Her story is really inspiring,Great Job Masha’Allah👍


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