Mental Illness And Depression

Mashal Rehman


I never thought that I would ever write on depression and mental illness but an incident which took place at Haram where a 26 years old boy committed suicide after jumping from the roof of KAABAH compelled me to write on this. Suicides are becoming really common these days and mostly those people are committing suicides to whom we consider that they are happiest people and they have everything. For instance, Kate Spade committed suicide. Nobody would have ever thought that a person who is so rich and is so creative will commit suicide but she did. If we consider the incident which occurred at Haram which is the holiest place and I have heard people saying that whosoever goes there forgets all his worries then why that guy committed suicide? It was the last Asherah of Ramzan which is the holiest month and he was present at the most sacred place but he was not satisfied and he did not attain peace and took his own life. From this one can conclude that even at the holiest place his depression was haunting him and maybe he thought that now he has asked for forgiveness and Allah has forgiven so he should kill himself instead of doing more sins. Whatever was going on his mind only he and Allah know but for us, it has become a lesson that now we should start considering that depression is a form of illness which is forcing people to give up on their lives and this is just not okay.

Then another incident happened at Centaurus Mall where a boy of almost years of age jumped from the fourth floor and committed suicide. Actually, there is this trend in our society that men cannot be weak and they cannot cry. They have to be strong. This is not correct. Men are also human beings and they have feelings and emotions too. They suffer from depression too and they do not even tell it to anyone because they are men and they are supposed to be strong. We have to break this stereotype now. We need to give space to our men and we should make them feel comfortable that if they would share their feelings and will tell what they are going through this would not make them weak. Secondly, men should also understand that crying and telling another person that they feel pain too will not hurt their ego. People whether male or female who is suffering from depression needs attention love care support and someone to listen to them. We just start judging people and now the time has come when we should start listening to another person. What do psychiatrists do they just listen and another person feel relaxed. This is what we need to do. Instead of calling another person drama baaz and rondu we should first listen to him and should try to help him. This attitude of ours can save his life and every life is precious. Then there is another concept among us we have started judging people from their facebook Instagram and snap chat stories. If a person is social goes out with his friends we think that person is extremely happy and he doesn’t have any problem in his life. This is wrong. Never judge a book by its cover. Sometimes the happiest people are the most depressed. They just pretend to be happy. Then there is one more thing we think that a person who is rich would not be facing any kind of problem or he cannot be depressed. This is again a wrong approach. Money cannot buy happiness and this is a true fact. Internal peace and satisfaction matters. So, now the time has come when we should start talking about depression and mental illness and we should start helping those people because we cannot afford to lose more lives and ever life is precious.


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