Menopause In Man Myth Or Reality

  Menopause In Man Myth Or Reality

As we are proverbial with tenure Menopause this is also notorious as Climacteric. It is the time in a woman life when her menstrual period brings to halts permanently, level of estrogen and progesterone decreases and they are no longer able to bear the child and its end of their reproductive year. Menopause initiates from the late 40s to early 50s.

But if we come up to expression Male menopause it gives the impressions much strange. But female menopause and so-called female Menopause are two poles apart conditions. Health professionals use diverse idioms for male menopause like Andropause, Testosterone deficiency syndrome, Late Onset hypogonadism, and androgen deficiency of the ageing hormone. Male menopause is dissimilar from female menopause with respect to signing, symptoms as well as in treatment. Male menopause is on the whole changes in ageing-related hormone, hormone changes are very natural and male menopause occurs due to the diminishing level of most important Male Hormone Testosterone. Testosterone is a primary male sex hormone that is conscientious for developing male secondary characters like hairs on the body, muscle mass, genitals, deep voice, libido, strong bones, and production of red blood cells sperm. It is produced in interstitial walls of the Leydig cell which are found in testes. When signals come from hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain its fabrication starts. Females also produce testosterone but in very small amount.  According to the Article by Elizabeth Siegel Watkins, that was published in the Social History of Medicine, the male menopause was the mainly discussed topic in the late 1930s to the mid of 1950s, but it practically vanished over the next year.

Male menopause embark on around the age of 30 or 40 and testosterone level gradually decreases with an average of 1% per year. But in some health condition, its level dwindles radically. Testes do not produce enough hormone. Testosterone level decreases because the number of Leyden cell drop off in testes due to ageing, it may be interrelated to changes in hypothalamus and pituitary glands. In older men level of testosterone is less serviceable as we can say it is not competent in its function because older men produce a large amount of sex hormone binding globulin (protein) that truss with testosterone and condense its amount to accomplish its opposite functions.

There are many indications of male menopause is and it is not just aging it also includes Hot flashes, disquiet, hassle, lack of exercise, smoking, sleep deprivation ,grumpiness, touchiness, bad temper , amassing of fats in the region of the abdomen and chest, loss of muscle mass, loss of energy, (due to loss of energy person couldn’t walk more than 1km), dry and thin skin, hyperhidrosis , emotion changes ,jumpiness, nervousness,  decreased libido (sex drive). The most frequent symptom is decreased sex drive. It may also comprise erectile dysfunction and the lower rate of recurrence of morning erection.


Testosterone level decreases as age increases. But the production of sperm doesn’t stop. And not all men practice this.

30 years 100%

40 years 90%

 50 years 80%

60 years 70%

70 years 60%

80 years 50%

90 years 40%

100 years 30%

The decline in testosterone may also be due to some other certain reasons it includes certain medicines, chemotherapy, testicular injury, genetic conditions, chronic illness, HIV/AIDS. Low level of testosterone also causes some dilemmas in the body. In older males lower level of testosterone tend to cause cardiovascular diseases, obesity, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, frailty, Alzheimer disease, stress, reduced life expectancy. Men with high testosterone level also have the high level of estrogen and men with the low level of testosterone have also the low level of estrogen.

Low level of testosterone can be treated with the help of Testosterone replacement therapy it can relieve certain indications like sex drive, quality of erection, depression and fatigue but it has many side effects. This therapy is accessible in numerous forms.

Skin patch (transdermal)


Mouth patch

Injection and implants

Its side effects embrace the high risk of heart stroke. And if a person has prostate cancer this therapy allows the cancer cell to grow in number gradually.

Testosterone replacement therapy can worsen

Benign prostatic therapy

Prostate cancer

Sleep apnea

Blood clots

Congestive heart failure.

Alongside the testosterone therapy there are certain remedies that can rally round in treatment of low levels of testosterone, eat more fruits and vegetables, choose healthy fats, first-rate plant protein rather than animal proteins, consume green tea, eat omega 3 rich foods, seize energy supplements, hydrate your body, exercise daily, avoid exposure to toxins, sustain a healthy sex life, deal with stress, accomplish and maintain healthy weight.



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