Meaning of Life

Meaning of Life

Every human being looks at life in his/her own way and what they expect from life is also different. Some people say that life is for attaining, and ideal while others say life is a trail, yet others believe life is for enjoyment. Life is for the enjoyment of beauty, life is transient, life is short, have fun and avoid trouble and many others believe that life is evil.

These are the thoughts of individuals, some say life is about efforts and struggles. Life is about worship and serves the humanity. One finds life a burden at every stage. One has to face difficulties. It is fate to decide which difficulties are good and which are bad. It is difficult to understand what is true and what is false.

“Everyone knows that death is inevitable, yet he is under the illusion that he will never die. Everyone understands that there is God but no one tries to realize this truth.”

When human feel helpless then they go to Temple or Mosque to pray. When they get up early in the morning, they go to their jobs to make money whatever the means are?

A thousand problems and a thousand solutions come in their life, but they live in their own world. Sometimes they feel that this world doesn’t exist. It is only their imagination. But the human knows that this world existed before them and will be there when they are not. God has provided human everything they need, but they are never satisfied.

When two people fight, each thinks he is right, but the third person may think both parties are wrong. Differences arise between peoples and nations over small things, but each thinks he is right, the result is tensions, trouble, and war. Some people do not use their own head, they think what others have told them. They see with others eyes, they hear what others tell them, they forget that they have also a mind of the owner. They speak to others, they quarrel with others, they pray in temples and holy places and go out to fight God creatures. We do not know our selves we rely on one, we promise but we never keep them.

In this world people think nothing and talk more, it is difficult to know what is right, what is wrong.

People invent theories, and the sanctity of words is lost, “People should speak less, only that much which is necessary, we should never waste his words. There is nothing so sweet as silence.

Man wants to do many things, but he is helpless, he may not be able to do anything. Some proclaim ” live for today; because tomorrow we die. Yet others postpone to day task for tomorrow and tomorrow task for the next day.

They believe they will be living the day after, everything will be as they believe.Man wants to stay on this planet forever, but he can not; because out stay on this planet is transitory.

One thing is certain that love is good we should love our fellow men because all man is God creatures we are all brothers.

I believe these are trying times and we should be patient do only duty and leave the rest to nature.

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