Match 12: Islamabad United Vs Lahore Qalanders

Bilal Qadir

Match 12: Islamabad United Vs Lahore Qalanders

After the 11th match between Karachi Kings and Multan Sultan abandoned due to rain, cricket fans are hoping for a full t20 12th match between Islamabad United and Lahore Qalanders. This match is important for both teams as both teams are at the bottom of point tables. Cricket fans want Lahore Qalanders to win this match and comeback in a tournament. Two captains come out for the toss. Lahore won the toss and decided to field first. There is one change in the team of Lahore Qalanders. Irshad in replce of Shaheen Afridi. There are three changes in the the team of Islamabad United. Shahzada Farhan, Andre Rusell and Samith Patel in replace of Walton, Finn And Raees. Match will begin in 10 minutes. Luke Ronchi and Sahibzada Farhan start the inning for Islamabad United. Fakhar Zaman to bowl the 1st over. Fakhar Zaman take the wicket of Luke Ronchi on his 2nd ball. Jp Dumny was the new batsman. This is the 2nd duck for Luke Ronchi in Pakistan Super League 2018. After 1 over, Islamabad United are 2 for 1. Sahibzada Farhan and JP Dumny are on 1 each. Sohail Khan to bowl the 2nd over. First three balls of the 2nd over are dot ball and all ball are face by Sahabzada Farhan. After 2 overs, Islamabad United are 5 for 1. Sahabzada Farhan on 4 and Luke Ronchi on 1. Fakhar Zaman to bowl the 3rd over. JP Dumny hit boundary on the 2nd ball of over. After 3 overs Islamabad United are 13 for 1. Sohail Khan to bowl the 4th over. JP Dumny hit 4 on the 1st ball of the over. Sohail Khan take the wicket of Sahabzada Farhan on last ball of the 4th over. Misbah Ul Haq is the new batsman. Sahabzada Farhan scored  6 runs from 16 balls. After 4 overs Islamabad United are 18 for 2. Sunil Narine to bowl the 5th over. Sunil Narine just give 1 run in his over. After 5 overs, Islamabad United are 19 for 2. Mustafiz Ur Rehman to bowl the 6th over. After 6 overs Islamabad United are 25 for 2. JP Dumny on 18 and Misbah on 1. Sunil Narine to bowl the 7th over. After 7 overs, Islamabad United are 28 for 2. Yasir Shah to bowl the 8th over. Jp Dumny take the review on LBW. He get success and decision reversed. After 8 overs, Islamabad United are 29 for 2. Islamabad United need boundaries to raise the run rate. Run rate is very low at the moment. Salman Irshad to bowl the 9th over. Oh my god what a start for debutant. He take the wicket of Misbah ul Haq in his first ball. Misbah scored 4 from 10 balls. Salman Irshad action look like Srilanka Fast bowler Malinga. Samith Patel is the new batsman. After 9 overs, Islamabad United are 36 for 3. JP Dumny on 20 and Samith Patel on 6. Yasir Shah to bowl the 10th over. After 10 overs, Islamabad United are 40 for 3. Sunil Narine to bowl the 11th over. After 11 overs, Islamabad United are 44 for 3. Yasir Shah to bowl the 12th over. Yasir Shah take the wicket of Samith Patel on 2nd ball of the over. He scored 9 runs from 10 balls. Asif Ali is the new batsman. First six of the inning by JP Dumny on last ball of the over. He is on 32. After 12 overs Islamabad United are 52 for 4. Salman Irshad to bowl the 13th over. First bowl of Salman Irshad goes for 4 boundary by Asif Ali. After 13 overs, Islamabad United are 64 for 4. Yasir Shah to bowl his last over. Yasir Shah take the wicket of Asif Ali. He scored 6 runs from 8 balls. Yasir Shah to Dumny, LBW out. He scored 34 runs from 36 balls. Hussain Tallat is the new batsman. After 14 overs, Islamabad United are 71 for 6. Hussain Tallat and Andre Rusell are on the crease. Sunil Narine to bowl his  last over.  After 15 overs, Islamabad United are 73 for 6. 




Lahore Qalander bowled out on 121. Agha Salman scored 48 runs. Brendon Mc Cullum socred 39 runs. Muhammad Sami and Samith Patel took 3 wickets each. Match depends on super over.

Brendon McCullum and Umar Akmal opened the innings for Lahore Qalanders. Muhammad Sami to bowl the super over for Islamabad United. Lahore Qalanders gave the target of 16 runs in Super over. Islamabad United finished it with Style and won the match. Muhammad Sami was man of the Match. 

Final Score Card Match 2

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