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Rizwana Aizde


The woman is one of the best creatures of GOD. Woman’s creation in the system of nature has a purpose. But, unfortunately, instead of learning the real position and the purpose of her existence, she has betrayed by different societal elements. Now Women empowerment is actually wrongly perceived as to achieve masculinity by present-day women. The beauty of being an ideal mother has shifted to become a supermom. Instead of portraying the image of an individual in the society as a complete human being, followed the path of commercialism and started to present like a commercial entity. The whole onus should not be put on the shoulders of society and the societal elements only; woman herself is responsible for this position. There is a mosaic of social norms and traditions in our society which compel an individual to live a life which one does not want to live. The origin of numerous stereotypes attached to different genders is not known but they are the real shackles to live a life with different our society we bound a woman to portray her fragility to look like women, men to show off muscles to give the proof of masculinity and for the third gender, the option left to live an inhuman life. The outcomes of these stereotypes are coming in a drastic manner.

Masculinity Should Not Be The Outcome Of Women Empowerment

There are factors that are contributing to weak the real power of feminism .commercialism and the new wave of feminism portraying women as an entity. In the case of women, the demands of the 21st century cannot tolerate the typical fragility criteria of society. To meet the demands of 21 century for existence, instead of representing the real essence of feminism women have taken the ride of, now muscle show off is taken as bold, confident, brave and strong women in the society. The encounter of societal stereotypes and the battle of survival in 21th-century results as a feminism inclined towards masculinity. Poverty and consumer-oriented society (brands consciousness) also forging a muscle-feminine. The shackles of societal stereotypes attached to every gender and especially women making them rebel and the only resort comes in the form of masculinity instead of empowerment.

Masculinity Should Not Be The Outcome Of Women Empowerment 1

The woman can regain its original status if she realizes her rights and duties. First thing is to understand that they are equal human being as men are. Make feminism as strength and move confidently with your approach. Women should contribute to working and for the prosperity of the country but not the cost of their feminism. Islam is the only religion who gave the true rights and status to women. In Islam, there is a complete code of conduct for women, how to live a prosperous life. On the societal side, there is a need to abolish the centuries-old stereotypes attach to women that are leading towards rebellion and promoting masculinity in women. The real empowerment of women lies not to be masculine, but to be a confident, strong and courageous human being that is the real nation builder by performing different duties as mother, wife, sister and daughter. It’s the beauty of women that she could contribute to society in so many ways. Women must serve the helping hand in the family but should not allow developing a sense of idleness to the real breadwinner. Due to this reason, the real feminism has been eroding for so many years. Education is necessary for women to understand her rights and how to fight for them. An educated woman can present herself as a woman. Women empowerment in true sense is the most important thing for the progress of a society so, that empowerment should be in the form of educated women, a woman that knows about her right, who can fight for her rights and be able to use her strength of feminism not to be who try to behave like a masculine for her survival in this society. I wish to see women as empowered, not as masculine. To be a woman is the real strength of women.

Masculinity Should Not Be The Outcome Of Women Empowerment 2

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