Management And Leadership In Work Place

Safa Marwa


The world of business has been changed. A company needs both management and leadership for its success. The nature of definition is to understand how their roles are different and how they might overlap. The golden line for both management and leadership are:

Leadership is a process of learning new things, not a position. Whereas

Management is a process of controlling things and people.


 Managers                                                                                       Leaders

Manager Have Subordinates                                               Leaders Have Followers

Manager’s Initiates                                                                     Leaders Begin

Managers Tell What to Do                                                   Leaders Show How to Do

Managers Focus On Things                                               Leaders Focus On People

Managers Control                                                                        Leaders Inspire

Managers Comfortable with Control                                       Leaders Welcome Risk

Managers Think Execution                                                        Leader’s Things Ideas


Leadership has the relation between those who follow and those who lead. There is a natural relationship between management and leadership this is the quality of this relation that when we are engaged in this matters getting extraordinary things done. Those who need discipline direct the way for the organizational success but whosever ignore or neglect correction leads astray. It is important to understand that the importance of leaders and managers for company growth. Leadership and management both are not same things but plays complementary roles for the company’s success. The foremost thing that matters in leadership is leaders should know good communication skills with their peers that clearly helps organizational performance. Leaders should have good communication skills to convey the message clearly without any barriers. To reach the good level of the audience, leaders should use languages images and metaphors. Effectively leaders are communicating with one’s small group and huge gathering for each audience. A good leader should not have only good communication skills but others things such as honesty, commitment, empowerment, passion are essential to lead the level of leadership. The leader should be enough confident about that others are following him/ her commands. He should not be overconfident about its swagger and assertiveness but ensure that his level of confidence is necessary for his followers. He should have good decision-making capabilities if once the decision is taken, should go for it.



Management is related to efficiency planning controlling management procedures while leadership is linked with risk-taking innovation creativity, vision and change. Leaders do the right things whereas managers do things right in the workplace. The thought of conflict may evoke anxiety for managers. The term conflict in the workplace can create bad images of rude behaviors and abhorring exchanges between employees. This is how manager’s control conflicts in the workplace to enhance their good behaviors towards others employees. The first’s thing to enhance employee’s confidence is freedom to speak should give them. They have rights to share their experience on regular basis. Conflicts in the workplace can occur at any time, negative thoughts have the power to spread quickly in the workplace and that affect an employee’s performance. In this case, the act should be taken to resolve the problem to enhance their morale throughout the workplace.

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