Make Your Surrounding Green A Pleasant Environment

Haleema Sadia


A story about an old man planting a tree next to the road. “Why are you planting this tree when you do not live to enjoy its shadow?” Asked a person. “I’m not planting it for myself, but for future generations,” replied the old man with a smile. Martin Luther, a German theologian, once said: “Even if I know the world will collapse tomorrow, I still plant my apple tree.” Dear friends, every day we read about global warming and climate change and how devastating it is for mankind and all living things on our planet. Can’t we think like the old person or Martin Luther who was implanting the tree for others? Trees offer many environmental benefits. Trees reduce the urban heat island effect through evaporative cooling and reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches parking lots and buildings. This is especially true in areas with large impervious surfaces, such as parking lots of store and industrial complexes. Trees improve our air quality by filtering harmful dust such as ozone, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide from air in which we breathe. The tree gives off oxygen that we need to breathe. Tree reduce the amount of storm, water runoff, which reduce erosion and pollution in our waterways and may reduce the effect of flooding. Many species of wildlife depend upon the tree for habitat. Tree provide food, protection, and homes of many birds and mammals.

The climate change is due to global warming, the increase in earth’s temperature and the cause of global warming is greenhouse gases (GHGs) arises due to pollution. Every day, we see the cutting and burning of trees. We use the tree for our household things but why we burn the trees? Is this beneficial or what profit we get from burning the tree? We can get different antibiotics from the tree. The main benefit is trees are used to fulfil the hunger of the increasing population. Then why we cut and burn trees?

It is estimated that every four day there is an increase in one million people on the planet. Will they survive without oxygen, without food, without water? No, they can’t live because these three things are possible to live and the only source for these basic needs is trees. Trees are the source of food, supply oxygen and cause rain. Humans are the only creature in this world for which thousands of benefit are made by nature but on the other hand, humans harm the environment. They are destroying the beautiful nature. They cut trees for residency. Like this, they are not only destroying nature but also destroying the species of many animals and plants also.

Why humans are selfish? Why they are destroying other species? Is this ethical or humans has rights to do this? Allah blesses the humans with senses. Are the humans rewarded with senses for taking the rights of other or not to think about the future generation? Around the world, Pakistan is the most beautiful country, Pakistan is an agricultural country means it is green land. Allah rewarded Pakistan with four seasons every type of crop grows in Pakistan. But on the opposite side, Pakistani people are destroying their natural beauty. People burn trees they don’t have the sense that if they burn trees or cut trees for clearing the land for their survival or making household things than how they will live alive? Life depends on oxygen, food and water, the unavailability of any these will lead the humans to death. The survival of humans depends upon trees if we cut tree for our residency or for making our house beautiful and there will be no food or water available then how the humans will live alive. Today everybody has a huge amount of money, a car, a big house, but what happen if everybody implants a tree? Implanting a tree is not very costly. By doing this we can preserve our natural beauty, we can save our beautiful environment. We can provide the poor people with a proper food. We can implant different fruits trees which make our colony a pleasant and peaceful.

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