Luck Vs Determination

Noor ul Huda


I often see in my surrounding many lucky people in different fields of life like education, relationships, money etc. and I also see many hardworking people, very devoted to their matters but still can’t be able to get the reward. It is true that God has given some people the ability to achieve something whatever they want in their lives with a little effort but such people are very few about 5% while the remaining 95%have to work harder to achieve what they want. It might be their misfortune that they enterprise with the scratch but cannot eat sweet fruit of their efforts

In this way when those who work much harder than themselves but not achieve their goal may come across depression, anxiety, overthinking and many other mental disorders. They consider themselves degraded and began to scorn themselves ask questions why me? Why I have not achieved my goal? Why does this happen to me? Although I tried a lot then how could I fail?

So what should they do? How to get rid of those thoughts of deterioration and be able to take a new start? Through DETERMINATION! YES! Through determination because the determination is a key to success. Those who think that they are deprived of luckiness can bring their dreams into reality by being stubborn, steadfast, and remain consistent.

Don’t lose hope first of all because God has given powerful weapon which is the brain to all of us, same reasoning, abilities and understanding but everyone uses them in different ways and if someone’s method of using them leads him to failure then changing method can lead him to success. Be passionate, embrace struggle and then success will be yours. If someone fails, it does not mean he is the dupe. DON’T FORGET “FAILURE LEADS TO SUCCESS”. Failures enable us to realize our mistakes, learn through better ways again, prepare ourselves better than before and then achieve what we want. Failures make us strong, patient and determined. Ups and downs are part of life, no one could be happy throughout life and no one always remains in despair.

If someone has to face the failure, what should he do?

First RELAX it is not the end of life

Second try to get out all negative thoughts out of mind like” I can’t do anymore” pacify yourself

Third think critically that what mistakes made by me which lead me to failure

Fourth start working on your weaknesses with new verve and enthusiasm

And the most important thing is to be determined, be stanch, be stalwart, be steadfast and be consistent


The only thing which can beat misfortune and convert it into a fortune is to BELIEVE in yourself, your abilities unquestionably and undoubtedly because no one can help us as we can ourselves. Continuous believing is the need to do.

The one who says that I am not lucky so I cannot achieve my goal is the wrong choice by him. He can beat lucky ones by determination and can achieve everything he wants. Nothing is impossible here. Earth is a miracle of possibility.

Say yourself “I can and I will “and do effort and try. Always remember the process STRUGGLE because journey towards success is more important than struggle and THE HARDER THE BATTLE THE SWEETER THE VICTORY. Say WE HIT ABOVE THE MARK TO HIT THE ACTUAL MARK. So what next

Aim big, Set target, Embrace struggle, Go hard, be passionate and success will be yours.

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