LOVE: A Mystery Unsolved

LOVE: A Mystery Unsolved

What is the most mysterious thing in the world, She asked me?

“Love” I replied.

 “Love?”  “How?”

“In many ways”

Since centuries, love has been considered as a myth. We have explored numerous phenomenon of life yet except love. Every person defines it in his own way. So I would like to explain it, along with some associated invalid concepts, as per my perception.

You people often have heard about “one-sided love”. Well, I don’t support this idea. ‘One-sided’ should be the ‘dream, desire or a wish. But it can’t be Love.  Love is something like clap; it requires two. It’s more like a game that always needs two players to win against the odds. It’s the two rails (legs) of ladders which both are required to reach the top.  To balance the two sides of the seesaw of life, two people making an equal contribution is a must.

Another misconception is “love at first sight”. By looking at someone, you could be panicked at first sight. You could be surprised at first sight. You could be curious at first sight. But love? You can’t love someone at first sight. If the answer in your head is YES, then it could be attraction, illusions or charm. It could never be love. It means you only consider his/ her looks, dressing, walking or talking style appreciable or as a criterion of your so-called love. Trust me this feeling never lasts.

So the query is “what is love?”

For me, love is developed not just found. No, I am not talking about the love in blood relations etc. I am talking about the love between partners/soul mates. Love is built between two people when they support each other in tough times. When they couldn’t understand their selves but could easily be understood by their partners. It’s happened, when you fell for his/ her habits, the way of thinking or dealing with his/her daily life matters and found him/her compatible. It begins when you found him/her interesting day by day; you never ignore him or never get ignored by him/her intentionally. Only then when you can feel that his/her anger might be the sign that he/she is too hurt to explain it. Every non-sense gets some sense. When there are more friendship and trust in a relationship than jealousy & possessiveness.

Do you know that TRUE LOVE doesn’t exist?

Yes, because love isn’t true or false. Love exists between two persons or it doesn’t exist. True or false can be the person whom you think you are in love with. Love is the feeling that makes you more positive, energetic and confident. It’s the feeling that someone will always be by your side and someone will always trust you & understand you.

There is only one way to understand what love is and that is by experiencing it yourself.  You can’t interpret its actual meaning just by reading or listening to it. That’s why it is the most mysterious phenomenon in the world. More or less, it’s something like death. Only those who have died could understand what they have gone through, what they have experienced and what they achieved.

Is love matters? Or is it even important?

The answer is given by a marvellous 75 year-long study conducted by a group of Harvard researchers, which has shown that ‘Love is really all that matters. The participants’ lifelong experiences revealed that happiness and life fulfilment revolved around love’.

Whether accept it or not, we all are in search of love. But I think we have a need to develop love rather than to find it.

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