Leaders Are Made Not Born

Safa Marwa

Leaders Are Made Not Born

Leaders are made not born through hard work. Leaders are made just like anything else. Successful leadership is about influence not authority.

Difference between Leaders and Managers

Top skills required for leadership


  • Leader shares credit
  • Flexible and understanding
  • Effectively communication with others
  • Takes an initiative
  • Used time wisely



Leaders are made not born

Some soft skills are:

  • Communication
  • Attitude
  • Body Language
  • Habits
  • Social Grace

These soft skills make someone capable manager, leaders employee and coworker.

What makes up message (Communication)


 Words                             7%

Tone                               38%

Nonverbal                     55%


nonverbal communication refers body movements including gestures, postures and facial expression.


Face and eyes both are most expressive of body communication.

Eye contact:

Eye contact shows the confidence level. its build relationship between speaker and listener.

Body communication:

This is used to understand what people are communicating.

10 mistakes that push away from leadership

  • When they have no faith in their abilities.
  • Lacking vision
  • Blaming others
  • Avoiding conflicts
  • Favoritism
  • Taking much time to describe problems
  • Not responsive
  • Lacking of understand what he should do or not do
  • Lacking or empathy and sympathy
  • Uses excuses

Great leaders resolve conflicts

Analyze yourself.

When people are in conflicts with others they blaming others rather than accepting wrong themselves. leaders analyze their behaviors and do effort to resolve unnecessary stuff. This helps to create positive relation between their coworkers.

Analyze your team.

Having crowd with wrong people could cause to multitude issues. A good leader involves every individual in his matters for taking them up. This enhance employee’s confidence level and he have more chances to grow.

Analyze the bigger picture.

When conflicts arise, leader don’t get stuck and thinks continuously about getting passed the agenda.

Leaders are made not born. Leadership is about nurture not a nature and nurture covers all environmental factors. The one who have all resources and possibilities to do what he wants to do there is no power to be successful. If the resources could not be provided those on right time them they will be the lack of skills and their mental growth will be stopped. All the traits can be developed by schooling and general life experience.

They learn everything through real life experience. The greatest leaders have such skills like self-awareness, self-motivation, social skills and empathy. These skills are absolutely necessary for effective leaders. These skills learned by environment and general experiences of life.

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