Krishna Kumar Kholi First Hindu Senator From Dalit Community In Pakistan

Tehmina Amjad

Krishna Kumar Kholi First Hindu Senator From Dalit Community In Pakistan

Krishna Kumara Kohli who was elected as first Hindu Senator in the Senate History of Pakistan has a rural background of Village Nagarparkar.

Kumari was no appointive to a reserved seat for girls from Sindh, besides Quratulain red gum.

She said, “I feel delighted, this was impossible for me to achieve Senate by my opinion.” She Born on Feb one, 1979, Kumari knew as Kishoo bai, She along with her family and relatives held for three years in private jail and were bonded as labour. Owner of jail was belonging from Umerkot district. She said that she will work for the people of Tharpakar, especially in the field of education and health.

They were unchained in a very police raid on the farmland of their leader. In early days of her life, she got educated in the Talhi Village which is located at Umerkot, Sindh Pakistan. After that, she continues her education in Mirpur Khas, Sindh Pakistan.

Her parents support her and her brother’s studies and tutorial activities despite they had fewer income resources.

She rewarded her parents for her success who appreciate her for her education and made him capable to achieve the university degree.

When she was sixteen, she was bounded to marriage with an Agriculture student whose name is Lal Chand in 1994. She continued her studies and get the postgraduate degree in sociology from the University of Sindh and she took part in different seminars in Tharparkar.

She was selected for the Human Rights Youth Leadership coaching Camp command in 2007 in the national capital she gave the overview of people’s movement in the world, she told the history of the social movement and also she gave a complete picture of the government system of the country

After finishing the coaching, she worked for the Youth legal programme and identify the cases of bonded labour harassment cases educational issues of women. And to compensate these issues she conducted seminars on bonded labours, sexual harassment and for other women’s rights issues. And she also publishes it in newspapers.

PPP lawgiver from Thar Dr Mahesh Kumar Malani, once contacted by Dawn earlier, was hopeful that kumari a legend women and fighter for freedom and humans rights would be selected.


Roppolo Kolhi had waged a war against the British when they attacked Sindh. Later on, he was punished by British. After that Kumari who worked a lot for human rights and especially for the empowerment of women was elected as first Hindu women senate.

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