Atia Shaheen


As Muslim, we Pakistani acknowledge that “EDUCATION IS NECESSARY FOR ALL MUSLIM MEN AND WOMEN”

We admit that Education is a precious ornament. However, when we probe our knowledge factories (Educational Institution), there seem two types of extremes, GOVT SECTOR and PRIVATE SECTOR. In the Govt sector, we are still sticking to the unprogressive and undeveloped teaching methodologies like G.T method, cramming, drilling, memorization, etc. There is no self-study, individual thinking, exposure, observation, and experiment for students to make them nimble, responsive, and brainy. Our whole teaching techniques are based on assumptions and hypothetical phenomenon. The dearth of advanced laboratories, libraries, and computer labs compel the teachers to teach in postulate manner, for example, a science teacher orally explains scientific activities before the students.

The methods that we apply in Government sectors are primitive. These methods were once initiative steps of western Educators and theorists. This is the main reason that we are still at the rudimentary stage of learning. Another motive of default of GOVT sector is its syllabus. PTB is not capable to keep the pace with advancing world of knowledge. There is a great need for modification, inclusion, and exclusion in present syllabus. Deficiency of proper teacher training is also an inadequateness of GOVT sector.

On the other hand, though private sectors seem to fulfil the needs of modern education, they are doing it in the wrong direction. Private sectors are not knowledge factories, but EARNING FACTORIES, students are their customers. Education is no more a profession but a business. Random type of syllabus is producing a sort of inequality in society. Every renowned institution has its own syllabus and touchstone. Private sectors are producing good doctors, engineers, lawyers, businesspersons but not good human for society. The students that were once dealt as customers, become business minded in their practical life.

In the private sector, every effort is done to gain good marks, to get 90+. In the race of securing high percentage, we have forgotten the real essence of education. Private sectors make the students ascertain that money is the surety of success. If you are studying in the good institution under the stewardship of scholarly faculty, this is because of their parents’ money.


The third sector is EXAMINATION SECTOR. Our evaluation system is based on the primitive, unreliable, and typical way of judgment. It does not check the ability of students’ perception, implementation of their knowledge, but the power of memorization. There are many defects in this system, i-e set paper pattern, and selective chapters of books, pre-planned scheme, etc. make it a commitment, not assessment. Students are confined in paper pattern. They are unable to get extra knowledge. There is no concept of “stop and think”. They never encouraged raising the questions and query other than exams point of view. As a result, their analytical approach, critical views, their inquisitive nature, curiosity about new happening are smashed in marks gaining race. Therefore, our knowledge factories are producing doctors, lawyers, followers, materialistic minds, employers, consumers, rather than scientist, philosophers, theorists, educators, and producers.

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