Khalistan 2.0: A Fact Or A Fiction

Khalistan 2.0: A Fact Or A Fiction

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister, was on an official trip to India from Feb 17 to Feb 25 along with his wife and three children. He has also accompanied with four Sikh MPs and other officials.  Justin’s trip went somewhat wrong when news related to Atwal’s presence in Canadian High Commissioner’s residence went viral. Indian media and some government officials have reportedly alleged their guests to secretly support the idea of Sikh Separators. This controversy has masked every other thing related to Justin’s trip to India.

Now the question would be; who is the Jaspal Atwal?

J.Atwal is a Canadian person of Indian descent. He was a vigorous and an active member of The International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF) which was one of the most prominent radical organizations demanding the independence of ‘Khalistan’ from India decades ago. In 1987 Canadian court has sentenced him to 20 years as he was involved in a murder attempt of an Indian minister in Canada. Jaspal Atwal has now appeared on the screen while dining with the Trudeau’s family and officials where he was in a picture with Canadian PM’s wife, Sophie.

When this issue has circulated enough in India, Trudeau spoke out to the media about the seriousness of the matter. He has also shown his unawareness about the invitation and presence of Jaspal in the function. However, the invitation has been cancelled before Trudeau’s exchange of words with media.

Canada is always somehow related to the shouts of ‘Khalistan’ and that’s because Canada is the home of more than four lac Sikhs who more or less support the notion of Sikh separatism in India. The recent story of Jaspal has provoked the gossiping about Khalistan 2.0 in India who always keeps an eye on this issue. Khalistan 2.0 is an idea that becomes a part of newsflash in India’s Press and News media. They are continuously discussing that is there any chance of happening the same situation as that of 1970’s and 80’s or is there any strong covert moment is running by Canadian Sikhs for the separation of Sikh states.

The CM of Indian Punjab has also pointed out about having some evidence that some members of Canadian cabinet have a soft corner for the Sikh’s movement. Indian state officials have also claimed that they have given the information about 9 suspects; Canadian national Sikh who are trying to strengthen the Khalistan 2.0 movements in Indian Punjab.

Khalistan movement was the notorious independence movement by Indian Sikh Leader J.S Bhindranwale but it was present since the Partition of the subcontinent in 1947. However, it has fortified in 1970’s and 1980’s with the formation of (World Sikh Organization) WSO, ISYF, and few others. This movement died with the death of leader J.S Bhindranwale in operation blue star by the Ex Indian PM Indira Gandhi. The movement vanished but the concept is still alive and this is the main reason for tension for India.

Yesterday, a member of parliament of Canada has released his statement that the parliament condemns all such violent and aggressive independence movements in the name of Independent state of Khalistan in India. However, the Indian media and officials are still furious regarding all the fuss created in past few weeks.

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