Difference Between JF17 vs F16

                             JF17 vs F16

PAC JF-17/CAC FC-1 Xiaolong


F-16 Fighting Falcon E/F

                          “Invest, Where Your Mouth Is”

We the internet in order to find articles and then we read them. After that, we all jump moronically in the useless political debates and start spewing venom against each other. There are many other issues. If one’s really want to and desperate to put the negative discussion, then they should write about which areas both countries (Neighbor & Us) should work on. Illiteracy, unemployment, healthcare, women’s’ rights, public safety, corruption, environment, infrastructure, malnutrition, pollution, are just a handful of points over which all the aforementioned countries can be put to task and do a debate on them in all scenarios. We are sitting in our homes/offices on their armchairs and commenting and predicting about wars. That’s the easiest thing we can do TBH. So, which are those Pakistan’s weapons, India should worry about is not our concern neither it should be. I am a million percent sure that both India and Pakistan have enough capable strategist to know which weapon; the other side has and both have strong think tanks.

When we talk about JFT and F16, we always stuck on PLAAF/USAF political barriers. I am not going to discuss those facts but in nutshell I’ll. In my words, Pretty comparison lies between Indian LCA P.S HAL Tejas, Taiwan IDF or Sweden’s Saab Gripen. Moreover, it will be very interesting for me to know about SD-10 BVR missile.

If one would ask about my interest in terms of aviation; I would really say “Avionics”, in which I’m pretty much more interested than anything. As, the discussion is about JFT, Then one person with smart sense and a bit of knowledge would have known with the fact that JF-17 is capable of sustaining 9-G’s. There is some kind of opinion clash also lies about this. Plus, this is something beyond perfection that even Mig-29 Fulcrum isn’t able to do where F-16 could do it. When we encounter the facts and figures of both jets, then general attributes certainly must have comes in front of our eyes that General Dynamics (Now Lockheed Martin’s) F-16.

While The Joint Fighter-17 (JF-17) Thunder multi-role fighter was jointly developed by China and Pakistan. It is designated as the WS-13 (Tianshan-21) with some (Modifications).

JFT is sized as Gripen which is making it light fighter. Meanwhile, F-16 is a Rafael sized medium-sized fighter. Both aircraft have different classes. Moreover, as JFT have DSI, Which is absent in F-16. They don’t even from the same family and genre, neither from the same techno-era is i.e. one 70’s plane while another one is 2000’s discovery. Historically, different as well in concern of armaments mainly. F-16 is very big aircraft, about the size of F-35, might bird. It was a light fighter in olden days. As A fighter’s size is determined by its engine size; Rafale has two small engines and F-16 has one big engine. Both are considered today as medium-sized fighters, not light fighters.

When we talk about manoeuvrability, Then Viper would outmanoeuvre Gripen. If not better where they put F-16 through its paces. One would not see the same with the JF-17.The first shot BVR ability of JFT is an astonishing feature, which makes it most integrated to SD10MRAAM. Before the shipment of SD10 in Pakistan, JFT would be foremost aircraft with these qualities. JFT, with its capability of BVR, defeated Viper.

Common masses opinion is that There is No way that the JF-17 going to win, It is just a cheaper alternative to the F-16 Or The F-16 has proven itself in combat. One patriotic and responsible citizen would vote JF-17 for one reason alone i.e. why we should have to creep like a snail in front of superpowers? Best assistance is maintaining JFT doesn’t cost much, Local engineers could do that without any inconvenience. In fact, Pakistan could have to make JFT by the taking services of its own engineers.

Though F-16 is a very good medium fighter, It has good range (esp. with CFT), T/W, visibility but its main downside is high weight/wing area ratio. Therefore, it won’t be easy for handling F16. Especially for inexperienced pilots who are less trained for good low-speed performance which would be pretty hard for landing (especially in mountain areas). In one’s opinion, F16 could be little better i.e. however, JF-17 is very cheap in comparison. In this scenario, JF-17 is a good to start for PAF and it will get mature with time. Next PAC should focus on increasing more & more Indigenous Contents In coming Blocks of JF-17.

The JF-17 as a machine competes purely on price. It’s basically the best fighter could be bought from “Taobao” aka China (and Pakistan) and is targeted at air forces that cannot afford the better and more expensive options from the usual big brand names, i.e. USA, Russia, and Europe. It is a minimum viable product of the startup that is the Pakistani aerospace industry. It also serves China’s interests, politically by bringing the “two blood brother” (????) allies closer to each other, and practically by experiencing the challenges of multinational co-operation. Maybe the new WS-13 engine can improve Climb rate, T/W ratio, and Maximum speed. Well, dude JF-17 can out climb Sukhoi-30.

The discussion isn’t that JF-17 is as good as modern f16s, it’s only as good as the original 16s currently, but it should improve significantly with block 2 and 3. JFT is meant to build Pakistan’s domestic capabilities and replace its ageing fleet of mirages and f7s. It is good to purchase new tech than to replace malfunctioned parts. It would be cheap too. It matches very basic F16 versions such as F-16 a, b and some c variants. China has an F-16 like aircraft called the J-10. America doesn’t build top quality plane either the Polish air force has complaints about technical problems with their F-16 block 52’s.The F-22 is giving tough pills to its pilots and the SR-71 is leaking fuel.

One Rotorcraft pilot answered me that:

“Even the aircraft’s own designer admits that it cannot compete and has a limited potential export market.”

The chief designer of the Xiaolong, Yang Wei, said that:

“The aircraft cannot compete with other aircraft on the market.”

Secondly, how can Pakistan make it happen? A “fraction of the price”? One may claim that F-16 is more advanced, but as usual, it depends on the pilot. It is like saying a Ferrari-Enzo vs BMW M6. Well, If Ferrari is being driven by me then M6 will definitely win.



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