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Japan second name is the “Land of the Rising Sun”. Almost 127 Million People live in Japan and it is the tenth largest population in the World. Its capital city is Tokyo where 9.1 million people live. Japan is the third largest economy in the world and also the fourth largest exporter and fourth largest Importer. Japan is one of the most unique country in the World due to the following reasons.

Japanese People are the most Polite People in the Word:

The bowing culture in Japanese people indicates the polite nature of Japanese People. There is special subject of manners, social and moral values for the students of early school. They prefer sorry over fight. They always give priority to take care of other people. They are the most time punctual nation in the World. 

Japanese Educational Institutions Develop Creativity in Students:

Japanese Education System is one of the unique system in the world as their educational institutions do not take tests or any kind of exam until the student reach grade four class. They first teach their students how to live in the society. They develop their characters. Educational year starts from 1st April of every year. Japanese School do not hire sweepers. Their students clean the school. School Provides standard lunch to their students. After daily school, students also attend workshop which develop creativity in them. They also learn calligraphy and poetry.

Japanese Economy:

Currently Japanese Economy is the third largest currency in the World. Its currency name is Yen. Its economy mostly depends on exports. Its largest exports are cars which is nearly 100 billion dollars. 30 percent of its electricity need rely on Nuclear Energy. Its Oil Imports are 3.4 million barrel per day. Its economy is known as “abenomics” after the economic reforms by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Vending Machines in Japan:

First of all what is Vending Machine? Vending Machine is computerized system of machine in which you insert coin, money or specific card than the machine will entertain you with the commodities like drinks, snacks, burgers, smoke items and all other little articles. There are almost 5.52 million vending Machines in Japan. As per stats no country has as much vending machines as Japan have. These Vending Machines serve Flying Fish soup, Bananas, Energy Drinks, Hamburgers, Condoms, Surgical Masks, Puppies and all other little articles.

Japan Life Expectancy:

Japan has the highest rate of life of expectancy. Their women life expectancy rate is 86 and man life expectancy rate is 80 referencing to the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development OECD. The major reason high rate of life expectancy is their diet. They mostly eat fish and vegetables. They prefer less meaty and oily food. In 2012, 50,000 people cross centurion age which is highest in the World.

World’s Longest Operating Company:

World’s Longest Operating Company “Kongo Gumi” still exists in Japan. It is established by the Prince Shotkou in 578 AD at OSKA Japan. It is a construction company. Around 2006, its annual budget was 70 Million and it employs over 1000 individuals. Its first construction is “Shitenno-ji Buddhist Temple”.

Japanese Most Punctual Railway System in the World:

Japanese Railway system is one of the best railway system in the World due to its Punctuality and High Speed Rails. They even apologize to their passenger when the rail departs before 20 seconds. Shinkansen Bullet Train is one of the famous train in Japan and its speed is 320 km/h. There is no accident in its history which tells the standard of Safety system in Japanese Railways System. Hence they are fastest, punctual and also safe.

One of the Best Cuisine in the World “Japanese Cuisine”

Sushi is one of the best Cuisine dish in Japan. In Sushi dish, every piece of rice is mixed with Vinegar made of sugar and Salt. It is mixed with different items likes fishes, vegetables etc. Its pieces pick by the chopsticks and then dip into Wasabi which make it mouthwatering. Sushi has different forms like Nigiri Sushi, Oshi Sushi, Maki Sushi and Temaki Sushi.  

Japanese Stylish Public Toilets:

10th November is the toilet day in Japan. The stylish public toilets shows that how Japanese take care of cleanness in Japan. Japanese have easy access to Toilets.

Sleep at the Work:

In Japan, firm and companies encourage their employees to complete their Sleep Hours. The average sleep hour of Japanese worker is 6 hours which is less than any other countries. That is why, In Japan firms allow their employee to sleep for 40 minutes after lunch.

Japanese Robot Restaurant:

Japanese robot restaurant is the number one entertainment dinner show in the World. It is located in Tokyo. It has distinct features. It server the dinner with the help of robots and also robots dancers with special effects of Lights.

Odaiba Island:

Odiaba Island is the man made Islanad in Tokyo which is made at the end of 18th century to Protect the Tokyo from the Sea Attacks. In 1990’s this island is covered by large shopping malls, entertainment center and also private industrial building which attract the tourist. This Island show the class of Architect.

Capsule Hotels In Japan:

Capsule Hotels are not like normal hotels. They are for individual and not private. They have common washroom and showers but they are cheap. These are air-conditioned room with facilities of TV and 100 percent privacy. There is also common locker room but with individual lockers. They are mostly found near stations and attract tourists due to low budget of travelers.

The 8 Hells of Beppu:

Japan’s one of the most unique scenery is the 8 Hells of Beppu. 8 Hells of Beppu are the second largest source of Thermal Energy. Its water temperature is 150 C. Its Hell names are Umi-Jigoku, Onlishibozu-Jigoku, Yama-Jigoku, Kamado-Jigoku, Onlyama-Jigoku, Shiralke-Jigoku, Tatsumaki-Jigoku and Chinolke-Jigoku. Their English names as per the series Sea Hell, Onlishi Shaven Head Hell, Moutain Hell, Cooking Pot Hell, Demon Mountain Hell, White Pond Hell, Tornado Hell and Blood Pond Hell.

Narusawa Ice Cave:

Narusawa Ice Cave is one of the coolest place in Japan. Its temperature is 3 C. This cave is almost 150 meter long. Its one place is consist of ice pillar which is one time used as refrigerators and storage of food when there are no refrigerators. The trees which are covered with ice and lightened make it attractive for tourist.

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