Islamabad the beautiful-Green City

Mashal Rehman
Mashal Rehman


Islamabad the beautiful-Green City 

Islamabad the beautiful-Green City


Pakistan can be rightly called as a land of natural beauty. Each and every city of Pakistan has amazing tourist sites which attracts a lot to tourists to Pakistan. Karachi has sea view and Mohatta Palace, Lahore has fortress and Badshahi Mosque and Multan has tomb of Shah Rukn e Alam but capital of Pakistan is Islamabad and it can be aptly called as one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. If a person wants to enjoy the natural scenery and is fond of hiking then no trails can compete or one can say that no trails can even come near to the trails of Islamabad. Islamabad has a number of trails and not just natives if Islamabad enjoy doing hiking at these trails but even foreigners really enjoy going there. According to them these places give them peace of mind and they witness serenity at its best. So now let’s have a look at the best tracks for hiking in Islamabad because i do not want anyone to miss hiking experience as it cleanses your body from all kinds of tensions and makes you fresh so that again you can follow your dull drab routine. Islamabad the beautiful.

Trail 3

Trail 3 is the most common trail and I think almost everyone who is living in Islamabad knows about this trail. It begins at the junction of Maragalla Hills and Ataturk Avenue. For doing hiking at this trail you have to be energetic and you should have great stamina if you want to reach up to Pir Sohawa and wants to enjoy delicious food of restaurants there.

Trail 5

People who are not so energetic and are lazy just like me but have great aesthetic sense and wants to enjoy pure natural sceneries then they must not lose hope as we have an alternative and that is Trail 5. It is the easiest trail. But someone has aptly said that if you want to gain something then you also have to lose something. Trail 5 is an easy trail but it is the longest and for tracking where you need 3 to 4 hours.

Trail 6

Not everyone knows about this trail as it is new in town but soon it will also become talk of the town. It begins from the back of Shah Faisal Mosque SectorE7 and it will also take you to Pir Sohawa.

Saidpur Trail

I think after reconstruction of Saidpur Village now everyone knows about it and people often go there for multiple purposes. Saidpur trail will directly take you to Monal Restuarant.

Bari Imam Trail

Bari Imam Trail is known by almost everyone and people come from far-flung areas to this trail. This trail is adventurous and it leads you to Bari Imam Cave. Then if you have energy and can trail more then it will lead you to Pir Sohawa. If you are an athlete or if want to have an adventure then keep moving and you will enter into boundaries of KPK Province which is the land of hospitality.

These are some common traits in Islamabad. People have become conscious about their fitness especially youngsters so they often go for hiking especially on weekends. Even i would suggest that hiking is far better than going to gym. People have turned these hiking trails into picnic spots too but there is a thing which i have noticed that people go there and throw wrappers and water bottles and even pampers of kids there. I am so ashamed and embarrassed to say that these kinds of things are done by literate people. We are destroying natural beauty of these trails. I would like to request everyone that please when you go there do not do littering. Show that you people are concerned about safety of natural beauty and you people are thankful to such blessings of Allah. Show that you are civilized. University students and NGOs have started projects of cleaning these trails but it’s not only their responsibility. It’s our responsibility too. Please keep your environment clean.

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