Information Technology And China Pakistan Economic Corridor A Revolution

Madeeha Saeed

Information Technology And China Pakistan Economic Corridor A Revolution

Pakistan, has started considering as a land of opportunity after CPEC project has come here, where Pakistan stood out as a very important state in China’s initiative of One Belt One Road, The OBOR. China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a project which have a collection of initiatives regarding infrastructure worth sixty-two billion, which unleashed the state’s wonders at a whole new level. It’s been stated that these initiatives would bring marvelous changes in both countries in economic, social and financial realm within country.

Pakistan IT industry has been renovated and lots of opportunities came with an edge of its revolution. IT industry is solving mighty problems at national level regarding economic productivity, Security & surveillance, Protection of rights & confidentialities and access to important information. In present times, IT has emotionalized the partition of working opportunities all over the world with an instance of Internet and telecommunication. Today, No potential & qualified person in any part of the world could say that unemployment is a thing which is barrier for him to use his capabilities in order to earn for his living & for growing for an optimistic change in his life.

Juxtapose, IT have done and keep doing wonders in CPEC initiative taken by two neighboring countries. CPEC had developed & developing many Information Technology parks like silicon & dig-icon valleys in Pakistan, IT would fill the gap for employers & recruiters to locate their & others concurring activities about economic & industrial work projects. They’d be able to challenge their confronters in concern of competitions and it would raise the ratio of GDP & National Progress at huge level.

Both countries has affirmed the project agreement based on Country’s economy & technology. This is named as “Pak-China Cotton Bio-Tech Laboratory”. Along with it, another initiative has been taken, named as ‘Pak-China Joint Marine research Centre”. Both of these projects would be done under consideration of CPEC and with the help of state Oceanic Administration and Pakistan’s Ministry of Science and Technology. Pakistan and china also affirmed to cooperate in unleashing wonders in the domain of space research with the help of IT technologies.

Moreover, With the help of IT industry, Pak-China has signed projects named as “Pak-China Science, Technology, Commerce and Logistic Park & National Science & Technology Park ” which are worth 1.5$ billion both. Meanwhile, “Pakistan-China Fiber Optic Project”, which will optimize the telecommunication in low-lying areas like Gilgit-Baltistan, where 5th route has been offered which will transmits telecom traffic all over areas under Gilgit-Baltistan region.

When CPEC has started, Pak government put special emphasis on IT renovation in state in order to enhance its exports. According to recent figures, In CPEC, 5 Billion Rupees has been affirmed in the present fiscal year for the development of IT industry in state. Many software technology parks agreement had been signed by both countries, so international companies would show interest in Pakistan’s IT industry.

Pakistan’s Govt Had given 86.726 Million Rupees in CPEC Project, in order to excel & revamp 3G & 4G services coverage in Gilgit region. Meanwhile, Overhaul 2658.713 Million rupees has been given for approx. 8 schemes under information Technology and Telecommunication Division & Public Sector Development Programmed (PSDP) for fiscal year (2018 to 2019).

It is very appreciable that Pak Govt is doing ample efforts to bring big positive change in Pakistan’s IT industry for achieving abundant export ratio. We hope that this initiative will uplift Pakistan’s Exports and would bring immense progress in all industrial sectors of Pakistan.

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  • October 15, 2018 at 7:13 am

    We hope that this initiative will uplift Pakistan’s Exports and would bring immense progress in all industrial sectors of Pakistan


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