Increasing Usage Of Social Media In 2018

Safa Marwa


The uses of social media and social media trends increasing day by day all around the world. There are many issues that have been on the top list are now totally supported on the internet. In Pakistan, it’s also increasing the power of social media. Pakistan is such a country which is having corrupt leadership, people of Pakistan facing these kinds of problems and issues, in this case, social media is an opportunity to raise their voice and people can speak for their rights. The uses of social media are increasing day by day but so far we need to understand how can we further use and get benefits from this.

Following is the digital statistical indicator in Pakistan that represent the population of Pakistan and the number of people who use social media and are active users of the internet. The purpose of this to know how many our population is being active on social media and how much influence we can create by approaching social media.

This statistical analysis shows that 44.6 million people are using internet out of 198.9 million it means only 22% of our total population has access to internet even out of them only 35 million are active users of social media which means only 18% are social media users. If you look deeper about the number of mobile users, you will get to know that 109.5 million out of the total population uses mobile and among them, 32 million are active internet and social media users from their mobile devices which is just 16% of our people. According to these stats we need to create awareness regarding healthy and effective uses of social media. Our people just use it for the sake of time pass whereas the true essence is overlooked.


Commonly used websites on social media are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and goggle+. According to research, the most used website is Facebook which covers 92.06% of our population.


This statically analysis shows the usage of Facebook among Pakistan. Monthly users on Facebook are 35% which is increased by 17%. 91% of people access Facebook through mobile devices. According to gender classification, 23% of profiles are female and 77% as male.


Instagram female users are 31% and 69% as male users. On Instagram, we found 5.02 million active users. If we compare with Facebook the active users of Instagram are less than Facebook users. Facebook covers 35million users of Pakistan.


The total population of Pakistan 198.9 million out of which 35% are active users of social media on different websites that make only 18% of papulation.32 million access social media through mobiles. Pakistani market still having a lot of effort to bring people online. People should have awareness regarding the usage of social media so that they would use it in a positive aspect. Social media is providing such a platform to people to speak out for their rights. People should use it in a good way.

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