In The World Of Books

Jaweria Ashraf


The only thing that I believe is magical…are “Books”. Books are amazing, they are strange. They can make you travel the whole world while being there where you are. Books can take you to wonderlands, they can make you fly high in the sky or can help you in exploring the unfathomable depths of the oceans. While reading, you also meet people of past and sometimes you see yourself standing in a palace of some ancient king. In short, books keep a whole world inside them which you can explore only when you read.

In this modern world, where everyone is holding an electronic gadget in his hands and is literally confused in the web of internet and media, books carry their own significance and value. Nothing can replace the bibliomania (the smell of old books). Books can provide you with the bulk of knowledge and entertainment and a universe where everything is made if words. If you are a bookish person, only then you can feel the value of books. To a bibliophile, nothing is more beautiful and precious than a book.

People who don’t read good books cannot groom up themselves and their mentality remains the same. But people who read books learn to make themselves better and their ideas become clear. Actually, books are the hospital for the mind. If you don’t read books, your thoughts and ideas never change and your mind remains away from the fresh breeze of new and different ideas and eventually, it becomes ill.

“A room without BOOKS;

Is a body without SOUL?”


If you want to visit a place where everything is possible, then just go to a library…a room where books are placed on the shelf but it seems that they are talking to you. The door of the library is a gateway to a world of imagination. Libraries are not a luxury but they are actually one of the necessities of life.

“Ordinary people have big TV’s,

Extraordinary people have big LIBRARIES.”

-Robin Sharma

If you are bored, worried or stressed and want an escape than nothing is better than books. Take a book, sink into a chair and DISAPPEAR!

Through the windows of words, every pageant becomes clear. Actually, books are the dreams that you are holding in your hands. A book is not just a stack of pages but hundreds of dreams and fantasies that you can feel and touch. Books give wings to imagination and soul to your dreams.

Nowadays, everyone spends his most of time in front of the screen, and actually spoiling his precious time and health. But books provide you with a safe corner. Good Books give you better stuff and a better point of view. You can get bulk of knowledge under the same title.

Since long, books are fighting a war against ignorance and illiteracy, playing a big role in making humans into better human beings. The dust of ignorance that has covered our brains can only be washed away by reading books. In this war between ignorance and books, there is another war being continued and that is between modern technology and books. Books are losing their place and are just being limited to a bag which just carries sally bus books and hardly being read just to pass out the exams. People spend their most of time on mobile phones and computers and this phobia is occupying their brains. They are losing their intellectual skills of thinking and imagining. But if we don’t want to become stressed and victim of the “screen”(mobile phones, computers, television, etc), then we have to finish this war and give more time to good books so that we can inhale newness. Books are best friends that never leave you. So give time to books and BE HAPPY!

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