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In the Islamic calendar, the month of Ramadan has a great importance. According to Islam is primarily a spiritual discipline. A new consciousness of higher life, a life above that which is maintained by eating and drinking.

 This month is the blessing for the Muslims. The appearance of the Ramadan Muslims starts to keep fast. Basically, Ramadan is a signal for a man movement towards equality, which is not limited to one vicinity or even one country but effects the whole Muslim world. In this month Muslim collectively performed the pray as well as the opening of fast commonly called Iftar. In an Islam Ramadan month also considered among the month of peace and tolerable. Wherein in the history jihad was also prohibited in this month.

In this month poor and rich may stand shoulder to shoulder in one row in the mosque, they performed fives times pray and Tarawi Namaz together.

According to Muslim concept, the Ramadan is the month of peace and equality, wherein evil (shitaan) band. All Muslims adopt the path of Allah. And try to spend entire month day and night in the worship of Allah.

All over the world, the entire Muslim Ummah seems busy in the worship and on the good path.  Praying, Reciting the Holy Quran to paying the charity (zakat). As all people remain free from worries, woes, suffering, trouble and pangs of hunger.

Muslim says fasting does not mean only to control on food and water but it means to control oneself from evil thinking, evil looking, evil listening, evil talking, misbehaving, over talking, over laughing and so on. Fasting literally means to be at rest.

Fasting has spiritual discipline a consciousness of higher life. A life which is based on sustainability. It has the lesson that man should be prepared to suffer the greatest privation and undergo the hardest trial rather than indulge in that which is not permitted to him.

The Man who does not have a fast, he or she shows respect not to eat or drink in front of the fast man.

They share their things with the people. In the Ramadan at every home going to prepare the different delicious, dishes and then it sends to the mosque at orphan sweet homes and at many different places.

At the time of Iftar set up, people may open the fast together.

All this makes it amply evident that Islam in declaring that Ibadah embraces the total life of man is to make religious faith play a practical and effective role in reforming human life.

Ramadan month contains on thirty days, and these thirty days are divided into three/tens, The Muslim call to these days with different names and every ten days of the Ramadan have their own importance. In the last ten days of the month, people use to sit in (Itiqaf). It means to spend ten days in the worship of Allah, where most of the people’s go to the mosque and women’s sit at home in the one corner.

Fast is obligatory on every adult child, old may man or woman. Ramadan is the month of peace and rests wherein especially soul of the man becomes pure. In this month naturally environment become peaceful and calm.


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