Importance of Kala Bagh Dam For Pakistan

Ayesha Pervaiz


Allah has blessed Pakistan with great water resources; water is one of valuable those gifts. To understand the value and its importance it is compulsory to have knowledge. At the time which is depended to focus on independence, water supply is the regular time our newly formed country had no infrastructure of power generation. And it’s very useful to us. There was only bitter time to small diesel or coal water consuming powered generation plants in various cities, but to meet the major demands we were genuinely dependent on India. In 1958 decline the process of water supplier when Field Marshall Ayub Khan took over the government, with all the other important steps, shortage of power was also taken as a very important issue and work on the war footing was going to start. As already stated we are blessed with many natural resources, especially water. The Kalabagh dam is a huge and costly multipurpose project.

Its main focus will be useful to provide water production system electricity, and water for using irrigation. The Kalabagh mega dam going to use really work full will be able to generate 3600MW of electricity and processing power plant work and store 6.1 MAF of water supply to be the cleansing germs which will be able to irrigate 2 million acres providing for the food, other Institutions and practically power needs of great work Pakistan. However, it will result and getting in severe degradation of land by water-logging and supplying to the different places in about 20 years’ time. The other issues on the other side very sensitive are the financial issues related to the markets and building of Kalabagh dam. There are a very authenticable work and the tiny possibility of our government in getting social work to get higher result financial aid from international organizations. Most probably the dam will only increase and be going to be other countries debts.

We have five rivers and number other viewers for the dam resources completion the process of subsidiaries and workload to create facilitated which can give us sufficient power as well as huge water reservoirs for irrigation if properly satisfaction planned. One site was Kalabagh, which was a pure and natural dam nothing in the mixed extra rough material and the other was Tarbela. On river Jehlum, Mangla was selected for immediate and very compulsory implementation. Many other resources can implement use to make much better for getting the result. The other reason to select these sites was that these were almost in the centre of the country from where the cost of electricity distribution network would cost less and the controls would be easy, secondly, from water reservoirs, water would easily use be connected to the canal system and other ways used for irrigation. In 1959, immediate work was started at Mangla Dam site. The debate on the Kalabagh dam takes its importance from the fact that if it had been built it could have saved the country from its worst-ever natural disasters in which 20 million people were displaced.

Apart from this, the dam if built would be able to produce 3500 megawatts of electricity which could have in turn saved the country from the power crisis it is facing today. However, this debate can be rebounded through another theory that if the three operating dam’s Mangla, Tarbela, and Warsak flush the silt, the country would almost be rid of its power shortage in the first place and it would mean a huge misallocation of resources in a time where the country is already in great debt. There seems to be a chronic mistrust and conflict of self-interest between the central governments, landowners and politicians from which some fear that the building of the dam could mean more floods, and eventually destroy their crops. The Kalabagh mega dam will strongly be able to work out to generate work another sides generate 3600MW of electricity and store 6.1 MAF of water which will be able to irrigate 2 million acres providing for the food and power needs of Pakistan. If kalabagh dam project is given a green light, it could result in the grazing of this land which will further result in the loss of economic and social well-being of a million people. However, it could also result in solving the power crisis in the entire country.

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