I Am Possible Nothing Is Impossible

I Am Possible Nothing Is Impossible

 The word itself says that I-M-Possible, You will surprise to know about this fact that the success of a person depends upon a philosophy i.e. I am possible. My teacher told me that everyone just like a diamond and needs a jeweller to polish and make us valuable. I thought about it and came to a conclusion that in our life teachers perform their role as a jeweller to make us valuable, but they just show a way to get our destination.

 Life is a stage where we perform according to the need of time and everyone in our lives act like an actor, during our performance other actors just play their roles and not participate in the performance of our life. This is the bitter reality of our life. Everyone will guide you towards the achievement of your desired goals, but no one will walk with you to complete your journey because the reality of life is based on the following philosophy.

You have to take your own burden, doesn’t matter you tired or not

No one is willing to give their shoulder until the expiry of your life.

 Trust me, if you believe that I am possible, nothing will bring hurdles between you and your success, sometimes our destiny takes our exams in our life and in this situation I found two kinds of people, First those who say that why me? But the people who believe that I am possible, say try me. You will have to believe in this fact after studying different success stories of successful personalities in which they expressed that life is not controllable by the human being but I am a possible philosophy give us the courage to face a hard time and convert it into a success story.

 Sometimes, we become weak and leave our home due to lack of trust in our self. In your hard time, you could be the strongest person in the world if you believe that I am possible, alternatively if you don’t believe you can become the weakest person in the world. Now the choice is yours, either you want to become the weakest person who just wants sympathy from others or want to become the strongest person to believe that I am possible.

 At the end, I would like to conclude with these words that it is better to create an example to believe that I am possible and become a motivational sign for others instead to become an example of a laughingstock for people. Now the choice is yours.



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