I Am Against Gender Discrimination

Saman Arif


Maybe the reason is how we are brought up. Maybe our parents are responsible. Don’t you think so? I am talking about gender discrimination. I am talking about why the only man is supposed to earn? I am talking about why the only woman is supposed to cook at home. I am really not a feminist. Maybe little feminist life within me but I am not sure what do you suppose a feminist to be like? Let’s just understand the true meaning of feminist. I am really not the one who calls all men trash. But yes I am the one who ask for giving equal amount of education and giving the opportunities she deserves. I say the woman is not just a kitchen material. She mustn’t be tagged to be the only one in the family who has to be taught cooking. I am the one who supports each and every person to learn cooking because that’s what we all need for living. It is not just a woman who has to eat. I am always going to support ladies who earn for themselves. I wonder why it is always men who have to pay bills.  Why not women?

A woman can’t be queen without his king. I support men who respect ladies and I highly support those ladies who know how to speak for their rights. Every person should be respected. What’s right for men is also for women and the same for bad. I am against those men who try to suppress woman. And I am sure such men are the reason why some women have become against the male gender. Might be they had some bad experiences or somehow, somewhere, someone had tried to hurt their self-esteem. But the fact is not all men are same and same like not all women are same. The woman is such a beautiful creature created by Allah Almighty. Such an innocent type of human being. But some female misuse their gender and innocence. And I am highly against them. Children are always attached with mother and the responsibility of a mother to take care of them. But the woman is not solely responsible for their existence. So equal is the responsibility of man to take care of their child. The woman shouldn’t be used an advertisement material. Daughters and sons should be treated equally. Let me repeat that again. I am not saying men and women are equal. Obviously in some aspect man got superiority and in some cases woman got superiority. But the main point is what’s wrong for daughter is wrong for a son. Son shouldn’t be treated as superior to daughter. I feel bad when the woman at home stands in the kitchen until everyone finishes his food and all she is waiting for orders if anyone needs anything and food gets cold. Why don’t the man get up to pick up things he needs. I am repeating points of grass root level.

In today’s time, women are flying in air. They are found every department. The woman is supported by male members at home gain enough confidence to work for their society. The woman is saving lives in the hospital. She is educating our generation ad being a teacher. She is helping in law enforcement in our country. She is everywhere because of the support of the man. Calling good feminist angry or negative just fuels a stereotype that discredits them for bringing up valid problems. Secondly though perhaps more important. We don’t just complain. Feminism can make people laugh, inspire people and give people a lot of hope. Feminism is the reason why we can vote, advance in the workplace, take actions if we are mistreated, except sexual partners who understand consent and do many other things we couldn’t previously do and that’s something to celebrate.

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