Hunza Women A Model Of Courage

Noor ul Huda



Hunza is the mountainous valley situated in Gilgit Baltistan. Hunza is located in the extreme northern part of Pakistan, boarding with Afghanistan and China. Gilgit Baltistan is not a province nor state but a semi-provincial state of Pakistan of which Hunza is a part.


Hunza is one of the wonderful places in Pakistan for Tourism. People of Hunza Valley called BURUSHO. They have both inside and outside beauty, cheerful, healthy and full of life. They are good hosts as well and welcome their tourists heartily.

Hunza people live long lives. Cancer disease is not found in Hunza Valley. The reason behind is that they

Useless spices

Drink glacier mineral water

Are hard-working and studious

Use too much Apricot (apricot contains Vitamin B-17 which resist cancer)

Apricots, Apples, and Grapes are the most productive fruits of Hunza Valley which export in whole Pakistan as well as internationally. But the most interesting thing about Hunza Valley is Its Women Empowerment.


Hunza Valley is important not only for the matchless breathtaking landscapes that capture tourist’s eye but also for its value of Women Empowerment. Despite their Tribal System, women there can live independently and can earn her own livelihood.

A new distinction and identity of this valley are coming out which is very encouraging which is that this region now is at the top in Pakistan for women prosperity, education, and in making Women independent. Another revolution which has been seen in Hunza Valley is an immense development in women education; about 99% of women are educated in most villages of Hunza Valley. It is their habit if one woman in the family gets the education, she teaches her younger brothers and sisters. Hunza Women can read as well as write. They give us the lesson that Women Education is necessary for the whole family.

“SAMINA KHAYAL BAIG  “the first high altitude mountaineer woman in Muslim World who climbed Mount Everest and then all Seven Summits is one of the women of Hunza Valley.

“AMNA ZAMEER” who is the First women Judge in Gilgit Baltistan is from Hunza valley. She got her law education from abroad

The Ismaili Council has recently arranged a driving training for women in Gulmit (Hunza Gojal Valley) the trainers to train women there is provided by the Police department, Hunza Nagar. Women in Gojal Valley being trained for driving cars. Many women and girls are professionals and they are being trained to drive vehicles by themselves without the help of man.

Women from this region also included in Pakistan Women Cricket Team and Hunza Valley also contains playing grounds where women practice

And not only that but Carpentry is done by women there, many cafes are under women administration. Hunza women now are an integral part of social and economic reforms in Valley.

Hunza women are a full package of Courage, Dare, Bravery and Motivation for all Women struggling in backward and poor regions of Pakistan. They give us the lesson that women can make their mark in every field of life. I want to salute them!

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