Hunger The Main Cause Of Deficit

HUNGER The Main Cause Of The Deficit

Hunger “having a strong desire”. Mostly we refer it to the desire for food when we feel to eat something. To me, hunger is much more than this literal meaning. “Hunger” describes a person’s inner comfort or discomfort. Hunger is not only restricted to the abdomen, it is in eyes. Hunger is in mind it is in thoughts. Hungry eyes show what a person feels deep inside, what he hides behind his fake smile. Eyes reveal the lust of a person…….

Lust for anything that compels him to do wrong things. A person can mask any other physical attribute but he definitely fails to mask what he has in his eyes. That’s why most guilty persons don’t make eye contact.

We are suffering from HUNGER

Hunger of food, hunger to be dominating person, hunger to become superior, hunger to gather money, hunger to look prettiest, hunger to rule, hunger to earn more than the neighbour, hunger to get degrees, the hunger of body, hunger to be loved. Hunger gives birth to mighty criminals when our talented youth does not get what they really deserve it makes them dejected and then they get into wrong hands that lead to worst consequences. Unemployment is a chilling concern for our country it leads to hunger and hunger leads to criminals, dacoits and terrorists or another consequence is the suicide of young and talented asset of our country.

Hunger to become dominating is very common and utmost relevant problem in our society today. Even kids try to overcome each other in looks and in having most expansive and modern things like mobile, tablet, computer, clothes etc which was not a part of child’s concern in past. Competing is not that much drastic but their aggression among such kind of competition leads to the serious destruction of our kids. Even if we look at dignitaries they are also suffering from such hunger to become dominating by accusing each other and by pulling legs of one another. Media persons, different channels, private school mafia and even lawmakers everyone is running in the race with full interest without thinking about the outcome.

Today first thing that is being taught to us is how to make a way towards highest rank, how to make a shortcut towards the successful position where we can earn more and more. We are no more conscientious we just have a single goal in our life and that’s money. We have the hunger to collect degrees to get the better job to get highest wages. We only get our educational charges receipt. I do not consider this 21st-century degree as a certificate of knowledge but nothing more than a receipt.

Our youth is going wrong ways just because parents have no check and balance on their children they are spoiling the future of their children as well as the country just in the name of liberalism. Freehand has given to children and allowing media to doctrine, teach or instructiveness of children leads to social evil’s upbringing that is increasing every day.

The only solution to the major problem of our society is to educate them who educate the new generation, who decides for the future of the youth that are high authority dignitaries. I implore them not to cozen those who trust you. The set infrastructure of our country as an exemplary system where there is a shut up call for all black sheep, decisions should be taken on merit. Nepotism should be banned and schemes should be approved to give jobs to young and talented people. Institutions should be free of any pressure. Optimism should be the first lesson for every child, by giving set examples of people like Abdul Sattar Edhi and tennis star Arthur Ashe, Imran Khan, and many more. I am hopeful in seeing prosperous and flourishing Pakistan in future.




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