How To Solve Exams Phobia

Musawira Shahreen


“No I can’t take the distinguishing position in my class, No I can’t study, I don’t remember the things, For this time it is sure that I am goanna fail…” These are the words mostly uttered by many students mouth before exams… And this is the phobia of every second child. Why does it happen? Why students take a burden and suppress themselves? Why they get worried? Only exams are coming but they think that an earthquake is near to come and just run far. What will be happened in exams…? God, please take my life but kindly these exams never come… These are the things wandering in their minds.

And then child thinking over the exams had many diseases such as vomiting, severe headache and it leads to depression. And some students also have belly twists. They can’t study properly due to deviation in concentration. So there is a cure and easy improvement in this phobia. So there are some steps. First of all, make yourself quite confident in you. Then relax fully. Then with full concentration divide your syllabus into different parts.

First do that chapters on which you have good command, secondly that one which you are gripped on 50 per cent. Then that one which you are unknown for. The scientific logic behind this is that when you cover the one you have command on, you di that hurry due to which brain responses in a good way and when you move on with doing the brain produces positive vibes and in no time you learn fastly.

 So for now, no fear of exams. Because there is a solution to every problem. Keep yourself confident you can do anything. And I can only share my ideas. As it is said” Neither you can share your wealth, nor your health but you can share your good ideas”

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