How To Develop Personality

Safa Marwa


Personality development is the process of organized designs of behavior and attitude that makes a person different from others. Personality development happens through the ongoing interaction, character and environment. Personality is what makes a person unique. Personality occurs from a related pattern to a personal environment. The environmental factors influence the development of a person’s personality the most. Environmental factors are called “nurture”. Employee’s personality effects on how everyone else works. Their impact on the workplace really matters. It’s easy to make a team when you can understand the employee’s personality.


How to develop an adequate personality

Following are some rules of employee’s development that helps you to develop better employee’s personality at the workplace.

Be confident

Mostly it happens when you are going to market or street and meet someone. It makes uncomfortable to maintain eye contact while having the conversation. This shows a lack of confidence. So the best thing to overcome this problem by having eye contact with those, you can easily communicate. This habit helps you build your confidence. In the workplace, employees should participate in communication that can boost their confidence level.

Have a positive attitude

Our mind is like a magnet if we focus on negative things that will definitely happen with us and if we have positive thoughts we will have positive situations to face so always have a positive attitude towards your work and people that will help you to achieve your goals. In the workplace, employees should have positive relationships with employees that will make them strong and will motivate him to perform better.

Learn social skills

Soft skills that enable the person to interact with others. The person who has good communication skills will never hesitate to interact with others. To have good social skills is directly linked with your communication skills. The only good looking person is not sufficient in your life to move ahead instead hone of social skills. The person tries to make use of positive gestures while interacting with others. That will boost their confidence level.

Be powerful

The features that develop the personality is being powerful. If the decision has been taken once, go for that. Don’t wait for tomorrow. You have to be powerful not to dominate others but to conquer yourself.


By BANDURA self-efficacy is defined as individual beliefs about the ability to achieve any specific task.  It is the degree to which someone has the ability to perform a certain task. They believe that they have self-esteem. Their beliefs toward their goal are strong as they can overcome any obstacle which may arise during their performance. there is storing evidence regarding self-efficacy that this leads to high performance on the variety of physical and mental tasks.

Don’t shout or be aggressive

Anger is a natural emotion. Anyone can be anger that’s easy. But to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.” – Aristotle.

Anger management is not the easy play, so don’t hesitate to seek help from others on this matter.

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