How To Create A Positive Change In Your Society And Country?

How To Create A Positive Change In Your Society And Country?

Robert E. Quinn, A Professor at the University of Michigan and Co-founder of Center for Positive Organizations, wrote the conditions to stay positive in his book ‘Positive Organizations’. According to him, people need to have;

A sense of purpose,

A vision to see possibility (hope),

They need to trust the process, to contribute to some common cause of good & to have the authentic conversations as well.

In order to bring a positive change in your social circle, community, and country, firstly you have to have the positivity in yourself. Only then you could inspire someone else with your positive vibes. One of the following steps could be taken to bring productive changes in society and ultimately in our country.

Recycle something old;

Recycling means to convert the waste or used material to some valuable or useable thing. Just by watching the tutorials on any social networking website, you could invent something useful. You can collect used bottles from your neighbors and can grow some floral plants in them in or across the street. You can collect and give used papers and glass either to the recycling companies or to make different decoration items and gift them to your neighbors and friends etc. You could ask them further to continue this process.

Launch some cleanliness or plantation campaign;

Spare some time on weekends to start a cleanliness campaign in your residential areas. Or you can specify some hours or a day at your office or educational institute for this purpose. Cleanliness always leads to more organized work in the vicinity. A sense of neatness could serve as a key to motivation.

Likewise, you can also buy some plant cuttings and can distribute them in your circle or can grow them alongside your streets or in pots. It will not only increase the scenic beauty of the place but will also a source of fresh air for the future generations too.

Make the most of your individual talents;

Every person is blessed with some unique ability or skill. Either you have to search for it or you have to polish it. You can give free tutorials on beauty treatments or how to operate some appliance, teaching some subjects for free on which you have a good command, either cook something to distribute it to needy people or teach someone how to cook, decorate some hall room for any celebration without any charges and so on. Volunteering in some constructive work is also included in it.

Write something fruitful;

Writing is an exceptional tool to express your thoughts with anyone else. Luckily we are living in the age of the internet that provides us with many free platforms to share our views and influence enormous people around the world.

Write something positive about your community, organization or country to create a positive image of your country in the eyes of the global community. Write about the lives of the noble people of your nation who have helped to make the world a better place for living by their work or ideas

Raise funds for any noble cause;

Save your pocket money and once in six months give a portion of it to the needy people of your society. You can also donate the money online for the help of people that are residing in the war affected areas. Raising funds to use them for any fruitful cause is also a huge step to develop a sense of positivity in the individuals around you.

Follow rules and regulations;

We usually like to ignore the fact that by breaking some law or rule we are setting a bad    example of ourselves or our community in front of the rest of others. Always abide by your promises. Always make sure to be punctual. Follow the rule even it is not worthy enough.


Kindness is a language that a deaf can hear too. An act of your kindness could save your thousands of words to build a clean, healthy and a prosperous environment around you. Just think about it now.

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