How Faithlessness Reflect Violent Actions

Kiran Batool

How Faithlessness Reflect Violent Actions

Namaz is ritual prayers approved by Islam and offered 5 times a day as Fajar, Zuhar, Asar, Maghreb and Esha. It is a pillar of religions. It is a sign of faith that Allah is Great; He is one who has created us.   It makes our heart strong such as Namaz is a source of peaceful mind. Namaz is a starting place to avoid from evil acts. Prayers are sources of getting mercy from sins so as to commit consciously and unconsciously. Namaz makes stronger to our heart and it prohibits us from doing sins (Qadri, 2001). Quran is packed of wisdom. Those people who focus their attention to on Quran, Quran are best for them because the Quran is full of Wisdom. Those people, who believe in the Quran, do a good act. Those people who do not understand The Holy Quran, they remained in disadvantages. Quran describes that God created Jinn and men to worship, not for doing illegal acts. Everyone is responsible for their bad, penalty will be given according to their level of bad acts. Quran is the best source of calm, so read the Quran with full understanding and also inform to others (Islamic sharia law,2006).  The Quran is an absolute revealed book, transfer messages of guidance from Allah to those people whom read this Holy book and try to understand the Quran. The Quran is the source of Calm. All human beings should read The Holly Quran. The Holy Books is not theory; it is a practical book of guidance. The human being should read, understand and act. Happy feelings are prodded due to recite The Holy Quran with full attention and This Holy book was revealed on Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Quran tells us Allah is Creator and Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) are our Prophet. In the Quran, there are two types of Gender such as masculine and feminine Gender. This Holly Book comprises the solutions of multiple issues. The Holy Book is a part of life; therefore it’s necessary to recite. The Holy Quran should be read every day with understanding because Quran strengthens our heart and stop us from doing bad acts (Parekh, 2000).

It’s necessary to get education for both male and female because knowledge well-built of our faith. If females are educated they could easily understand Quran and Sunah. Both males and females are slaves of Allah, but at this moment they are slaves of their own souls. Quran gives us knowledge about good work and prohibit from an evil act. Quran tell us that charity is necessary for both male and female .This Holly Book tells us, freedom should be given to women to express her opinions and also give them permission to choose her husband. But they do not have right to get away from home or do the illegal work. Islam gives permission to women that they can take custody of her own child, and they can do better socialization. But she will be sinner if she has ignored her children .Woman is blessed, but Allah will not bless with her if she ignored her parents or hurt them. If her husband’s income is insufficient, women have a right of trade. But her primary preference should be her own children and black marketing is not allowed for women. Both men and female aspiration should be to attain of Allah Wills.



In Islam, both men and women have rights to get an education. Mostly, parents do not prefer their daughter’s education, which is against Sharia, while education in Islam is necessary for both masculine and feminism Genders. Mostly people enforced to their daughter to marry at the early age. They are unable to be aware of the environment because they are physically and psychologically immature; consequently, education is necessary for women so that she can create a good environment for the family member. Women should be a homemaker, if her husband provides all the facilities such as clothing, medicines, nutrients, etc. Women have rights to take Khulah due to unsuccessful marriage such as lack of maintenance, Husband cruelty, physical and mental torture. Women have the right to take the child custody such as girls until Marriage, and boys until at the age of maturity. Sharia also gives permission to women to earn money in legal ways. She comprises both moral values of her family and society. In Islam, women have the right to control the property of her husband and have the right to own the lands like a man. Sharia said, there should provide health and welfare facilities for pregnant mother in prisons (Sada, 2005).

Mostly bad people such as criminals commit crime due lack of Faith on Allah. Because God-fearing people never break the rules of Allah such as never adopt the illegal activities as drinking, prostitution, corruption, theft etc.  Perfidiousness people just see their benefits even they commit homicide. They forget tribunal of Penance they just prefer the world’s charm and forget heaven. Actually brutal people just want wealth do not have the concern for others. Due to their cruelness society has been divided into three classes such as upper class, lower class and middle class. In reality, they are nothing without poor class but perceive poor class are alive due to their prop. While Islam tells us all men are equal then why there are three types of classes? Why just the proletariat suppressed by bourgeois? Why just poor class face all arduousness. Everyone claims they are Muslims then why they do not spend their life according to Quran and Sunhah. Actually, in the present scenario, they believed that they have the right to suppress the lower class. But Islam admonishes us that the wounds of others may become ointment. But brutal people believe that doing illegal activities is their right. They think smoking and drinking show their status. They spend more money on their lifestyle and do not give the even single penny to poor people. Actually, the reason is that we all are brutal just look at the advantages and ignored the poor life. Corrupt people save the false home ministry. In this way, they enjoy the charm of the world but they forget the judgment day. How they will escape from Allah who had created these creatures. Every person will have to respond to their work. So do a good deal and do not make the charm of the world your life. If you are really Muslim then keep the fear of Allah in your heart and do not create the violence among innocent people.

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