He Had Two Year To Live Stephen Hawking

He Had Two Years To Live Stephen Hawking

He had two years to live. He was on the rowing team and a bit of daredevil. But he noticed he was a little crack-headed than usual. He had fallen over before, for an apparent reason. His doctor joked that he should “lay off the beer”.

He was studying physics with the leaders of the field. He was admired for his sharp, brilliant mind. And he had just met Jane, the love of his life. Things were going very well. Then one night he blacked out and fell down a flight of stairs. The problem worsened. His speech becomes slurred rowing became difficult. His family noticed the change, told him to see a doctor. He was diagnosed with ALS. ALS gradually paralyzed people who lose the ability to walk, talk, eat, swallow and eventually breathe. Progression is very rapidly. The doctor gave him a life expectancy of two years. His physical abilities continued to decline. He felt there was little point in continuing his studies. Within a year he was using a cane, and his speech was almost unintelligible. He slowly lost the ability to write and to speak. He just had the ability to blink his eyelashes. That became is power and he was determined. He was known most of his time left. He married Jane Wilde, the love of his life. And they had three children.

He threw himself into work for next 50 years. A special computer was designed who understand his feelings and expressions by blinking of his eyes. And that computer became his voice. He is one of history’s most distinguished thinker. His theory on black holes, quantum theory and origin of the universe have changed physics. He gave the concept of the black hole, from where rays come out and these rays are the source of new changes. These rays are associated with having the name and called as “Hawking radiations”.

Forever miraculously, his determination and unwillingness to give up proved the initial two-year diagnosis to be wrong.

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succedent. It matters that you don’t just give up”.

                                            “Stephen Hawking”

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