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Eid is a very auspicious occasion for Muslims all around the world as it is a gift given to them by Allah and as a Muslim, we should celebrate it with great enthusiasm and fervour. But on this Eid, I realized that we have lost our emotions and now we do not celebrate Eid with devotion. My facebook news feed was filled with posts of people saying that on Eid they will wear new clothes and will sleep all day. Even if I talk about myself I planned that on Eid day I will wake up, I will offer prayer and after that, I will do all my pending assignments because there would be nothing else to do. On contrary, children around me were ecstatic and delighted. They were elated that they will wear new clothes and little girls were on cloud nine after applying Henna. This made me realize that even when I was a small fry I used to be in high spirits that tomorrow is Eid but now I have grown up so now Eid does not make me chipper. I do not know what is happening to us? Why growing up is making us soulless? Maybe it is because that after growing up we get to know what the reality of life is and we realize our responsibilities and we realize that this life is temporary and we have really less time to fulfil our responsibilities.

Actually, when a person grows up he loses his impeccability because he comes to know the real faces of people. Circumstances and incidents show him that he has come in this world alone and he will face all the difficulties alone. No one comes to rescue him and in the end, he has no one except HIS CREATOR. When a person grows up he realizes that there are very less who are faithful, there are a few people who want to see you happy and truly cares for you without getting any advantage.  A man becomes aware of this fact that this world is full of people who are hypocrites and nearly every person wants to see you fall. People will wish you best of luck and they will guide you to achieve success but they will never want you to acquire more eminence than them. As you grow up you get the idea that you have misinterpreted the concept of inner beauty. People will give more appreciation to beautiful face than to beautiful words. As soon as you grow up you recognize that the only people who love you unconditionally and will never demand anything from you and will always stand by your side no matter what are your parents. But at this stage, another fear start to haunt us and that is the fear that our parents are becoming old and we will soon lose them forever. Let me share my own experience with you people. My mother who is my inspiration and who according to me is an iron lady because she has seen and suffered a lot is now becoming old. Her hair has become grey and she cannot even walk properly now. She cannot stand and offer her prayers and she offers prayers by sitting on a chair. When I see her sometimes it makes my flesh creep that what will I do without her? I always supplicate that may Allah give her a long and sparkling life but obviously death is inevitable and every person has to taste it. This makes me weak as I am so dependent on her and I guess everyone depends on their mothers for nearly everything that they do. Even I need her suggestion in every aspect of my life. People my age have started losing their parents and I have seen their condition. They are in so much agony and misery that I cannot even describe in words. Losing parents is one of the darkest aspects of growing up.

Then there is one thing more. You even start losing friends and your social circle starts to shrink. Although it is a good thing because fewer people means less drama but still friends are people who come into your life as a stranger and then becomes a part of your family so losing them hurts a lot. I have lost some friends of mine and I know how it feels. So, up till now, I did not like the process of growing up and for me, it is a trap. I really want to bring my childhood back. Even sometimes when we go out shopping my mom looks at small frocks and say so why do you grow up I want to buy these frocks for you. Even I want those frocks and I want to bring that time back when my only responsibility was to keep track of my dolls and I think every one of my age wants to go back into that time, when instead of alarm clocks mom used to wake up and when we used to go out to play instead of using smartphones and when getting excellent on notebooks made our so happy.

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