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Do you know that your dreams should be big enough to scare you at first? When I read it, I wondered that why should dream as big as it may not be practical in real life. Then, I founded a couple of reasons that why I should.

1: Ability to dream big will for sure make you able to achieve your goals however it seems strange that how just dreaming can make it possible. It will definitely work as if you are serious about it, your conscious as well unconscious continuously try to make strategies to reach there. It can guide you to your dreams. Your brain even when you are not thinking about it, still works for ways. But you must also have the courage to implement it.

2: Make a list of all the people who did their job for the very first time in history. And I am sure that you found, that time they also pointed negatively society pulled them back but as they dreamed of a big thing and also fought for their dreams all of them was succeeded. All they did is dreamed big and worked for it.

Let me remind you of a story which was told us in our childhood. The story of a frog one who wants to climb the mountain his family society friends all were saying it’s impossible anyhow the frog started his journey. His fellows started shouting on him “you can’t”, “not possible” and so on but Mr Frog was not stopped by this discouragement and his fellows found him on the top of the mountain. When he was asked about it he replied “I can’t hair”, so he thought that his friends are encouraging him and excitement increased for his mission. And here we get the result never let your society to underestimate your abilities dream big and then make effort.

3: when you dream of a big thing and make effort for it you are challenging yourself and these challenges can help you to bring out the best in you. This can help you to know the real you.


4: An achievement to your goal, defiantly increase your condense level. And you know that condense is a key to success.

In short, If you have the courage to dream a big thing you can definatly do it. But your seriousness toward this and efforts matters a lot as in Quran Allah says      

  “Waan lays a lillinsani illa maa saAa”      * and a man gets which he tried for*

In “Al Chemist” Poulo says if you take step toward a thing the whole universe tries to bring you for that thing.

And the last thing is the opportunity. You should make your opportunity by yourself. If not possible then you can also wait for your luck life will give you a chance. My uncle told me once that life is like a moving tire of opportunities it will give u 1 chance to live the life of your dreams but chance will be given only once if you hasn’t dared to choose your choice it will probably not giving you next chance.

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