Future Of The World Is In Trouble

Future Of World Is In Trouble

There are many countries worldwide that have immense management and planning for running established system of their country. These countries are suffering from many problems and poor management issues that may lead to severe problems in future. Unfortunately, our little kids and Childs are also becoming part of this system. They suffer disaster and such rubbish situations, one of these is being a child labour. Future of World is in trouble due to these circumstance.

Child labour work against international laws and national legislation. Almost 11% of the child population is child labour. The child that is forced to be as labour is of age 14-17. These are deprived of normal school, nutrients, facilities and mainly the childhood. Most of the child do a full-time job and are deprived of schooling. While some have dual burden of education and the part-time job. They are forced into slavery and work in the hazardous environment. 151.6 million Child of 5-17 age is child labour and out of which 72.5 million children are working in hazardous environment, where their health and moral activities are at risk. People use children for prostitution, trafficking in person and for illicit activities.

¬†Africa has the greatest risk than Asia and Pacific, in Africa, one out of every five children is involved in child labour. Almost half of child 72.1% in Africa, 62.1 million in Asia and Pacific, 10.7 million in America, 1.2 million and Arab State, 5.5 million in Europe and central Asia are employed as child labour. Among 152 million children 88 % are boy’s labour and 64 % are girls.

About half of 152 million victims of child labour are aged 5-11 years, 42 million are 12-14 years old and 37 million are 15-17 years old.

Most of the boys are child labour as compared to girls, while girls have house chore responsibility which indirectly effects their education. Child labour is abused and suffering beating and torture by their employee. They are forced to stay as the domestic servant where they are sexually and physically abused. In the agriculture sector, most of the child labour is working that is 71% of child labour which includes fishing forestry and livestock etc. And 17% are concentered in services and 12% in the industrial sector. And their working hour per week is 43 hour. Most parents are criminal for their child stress because of poverty, 25% population is below the poverty line. Parents do not afford the expense of their education. And some parents force their children to do work. Which is the cause of trouble for the world?

According to the survey of Bureau statistic of Pakistan, out of estimated 40 million children 19 million children are child labour. They include toddlers working on the road at low income even they are not able to speak properly. That is an age of the child to learn and become a civilized citizen but unluckily they do not enjoy childhood. There are laws for preventing child labour. Article 11 of Pakistan constitution prohibits child labour. UN sustainable development goal eradicates labour. Money is given to parents by Government to join the workforce. To save the future of world, the international labour organization is established. International labour organization associated with United Nation designated 15 year is the minimum age for labour face and 18 is the minimum age for hazardous work. Sindh prohibition of employment of children bill has passed to stop giving employment to the child. These laws have been announced to stop paying child and snatching their rights. They must be paid with wealth of education.

Children are building the block of our nation. They have right to enjoy the happiness of childhood instead of being becoming a mature personality and face practical life problems. They must develop their personality. They are the future custodian, the messenger of knowledge, and strength of the nation. They must involve in working which increases their health, physical and mental activities. Instead of that which snatch their childhood.

The government should take the serious step against child labour, punishment for allocation of child labour, prohibition and regulation should be accomplished for three months and fine of fifty thousand. Judiciary should more conscious in dealing with child labour case. There should be more focus on implementation and enforcement of the law to protect the child against child labour.  Children rehabilitation centers must be established to make them stable and normal. With the development of human rights, child labour should be banned. There must be a national plan for the development of human resources so that our child becomes the robust citizen. By implementation of rules and regulation world state can be changed and it can trouble in future. We should worried about the future of the world.

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